Abu Road to Mount Abu Traveller Guide – All You Need to Know

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Mount Abu is the most famous and only hill station in Sirohi District in the State Of Rajasthan, at an elevation of 1220 meters (4003 ft). Mount Abu is the only place where you would like to visit every now and then. It is the heart of Rajasthan. Mount Abu is the most trending and famous tourist Spot in Rajasthan. The only way to travel to Mount-Abu is via road. Aburoad to Mount Abu distance is about 30 KM. It will take a maximum 45 to 60 min from Abu road.

Let’s Start this Beautiful Journey Form Abu road to Mount Abu

You can reach Abu-road via train or bus. The connectivity of the train and bus to Abu road is very adequate. The road condition of Abu road to Mount Abu is winding that’s why the majority of travelers prefer their own vehicles so that they can stop in small breaks. The Abu Road to Mount Abu Bus route is quite difficult due to winding road but is open all 365 days.

After reaching Abu-Road, you can use bus services like RSRTC , GSRTC Buses ,or Taxi services or you can prefer your personal vehicle to reach Mount Abu.

RSRTC (Rajasthan Roadways) Bus Service For Aburoad To Mount Abu

RSRTC 108:45 AM09:45 AM1 HR42/-25/-
RSRTC 209:00 AM10:00 AM1 HR42/-25/-
RSRTC 310:30 AM11:30 AM1 HR42/-25/-
RSRTC 412:45 PM13:45 PM1 HR42/-25/-
RSRTC 516:30 PM17:30 PM1 HR42/-25/-
RSRTC 617:00 PM18:30 PM1 HR42/-25/-

GSRTC (Gujarat Roadways) Bus Service for Aburoad to Mount Abu

GSRTC 107:35 AM08:35 AM1 HR36/-
GSRTC 212:05 PM12:55 PM50 MIN36/-
GSRTC 313:45 PM14:35 PM50 MIN36/-
GSRTC 420:00 PM20:50 PM50 MIN36/-

Top 6 Taxi Services for Abu Road to Mount Abu

book abu road to mount abu taxi starting at ₹1300

If you’re looking to travel from Abu Road to Mount Abu by taxi, there are several taxi services available near the Abu Road Railway Station. You can easily book Abu Road to Mount Abu taxi according to your preference and comfort. Prices may vary from one taxi service company to another, so be sure to check for details and book in advance to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. Here are some options for booking a taxi from Abu Road to Mount Abu:

Taxi ServiceContact No.AddressCustomer RatingWebsite
1. Exclusive Abu Road to Mount Abu Taxi Service+919672155842Call Only Pre Booking5 Starhttps://www.sirohishehar.com/abu-road-to-mount-abu-taxi/

Top 5 Hotels Between Abu Road(Talheti) to Mount Abu

Here are some top 5 hotels where you can stay in Mount Abu or Abu Road. The price of a hotel may fluctuate during the season in Mount abu. So book your hotel according to your comfort whenever you want to go. Check the hotel details below down given.

HotelContact No.AddressCustomer RatingWebsite
1. Hari Niwas – A Boutique Garden Resort Mount Abu  +919328903844Before Toll Naka, Hetam Ji, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 3075014.7 Starhttps://hariniwasmountabu.com/
2. Hotel Chandan Raj Palace  +919929722291Talhati, Danvav, Abu Road, Rajasthan 3075104.5 Star ———
3. Richi Valley Villa by Rudrakshi  +919928722448   084472 13848  1 Hetam ji, Before Check Post, next to Jungle Restaurant, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 3075014.1 Starhttps://richi-valley-villa-by-rudrakshi.business.site/
4. Hotel Bhagya Laxmi+919414428362 +919829807723Mount Road, Talheti, Abu-Road, 3075103.7 Starhttp://hotelbhagyalaxmiabu.com/
5. Hotel New Golden veena09414449744 02974-294126 09413774876Plot no. 14, Opp. forest office, behind Bansi Kathyawadi, talhati, Abu-Road 3075103.1 Starhttps://hotel-new-golden-veena.business.site/

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Religious Places Between Abu Road to Mount Abu

Mount Abu is one of the top religious destinations in India, with respect to Hindus. It is also known as abode of the gods, it is believed that all the thousand gods in the Hindu mythology have touched this holy mountain at least once. Mount Abu was also a renowned center for Vaishnava and Shaiva pilgrimage in the 11th century. 

The Mount Abu is famous for many historical place and temples, here are some of them:

Mama Dhani templeMAMA DHANI TEMPLE
Gewanshah Baba ki MajarGewanshah Baba Ki Majar
Neelkanth Mahadev templeNeelkanth Mahadev Mandir
Chehar Mata templeChehar maa Mandir (Abu road)
Ambe Mata templeAmbe Mata Temple Abu Road
Ramji templeRAM JI MANDIR
Shiv templeShiv Mandir
Nadeshwar Mahadev templeNadeshwar Mahadev temple
Pipleshwar Mahadev templePipleshwar Mahadev Mandir, Behind City Police Stn.,Abu Road
Nimbeshwar Mahadev templeNimbeshwar mahadev Mandir
Sai Baba templeSai Baba Temple
Lord Ram And Hanumanji templeभगवान Ram And HANUMAN Ji Temple
Shani Dev templeShani Dev Mandir
Baba Ramdev templeBaba ramdev mandir
Shree Nakoda Bhairav templeShree Nakoda Bhairav Mandir
Shree Shankheshwar parshvnath jain templeShree Shankheshwar Parashvnath Jain Mandir
Shiv templeShiv Mandir, manpur
Jalaram templeJalaram Mandir, Abu
Jangleshwar Mahadev templeJangleshwar Mahdev Mandir
Adinath Jain templeAdinath Jain temple
Chamatkari Hanuman templeचमत्कारी हनुमानजी मंदिर
Mama ji Babsi templeMama Ji Babsi Mandir
Mukteshwar templeMukteshwar Mahadev
Mukhadi mata templeMukhadi Mata Mandir
Shanidham templeशनिधाम मंदिर माउन्ट रोड तलेटी
Markundeshwar templeMarkundeshwar Mandir
Arna jain vihar dham templeArna Jain Vihardham
Aarna Hanumanji templeAarna Hanumanji Temple
Badi DhundaiBadi Dhundai

Explore Mount Abu on Two Wheelers (300 to 500 INR) per day

Mount Abu is the best place for bike rider. The rider who loves to do Adventure trips on bike should definitely visit Mount Abu. Two wheeler is the easiest, safest and budget friendly mode to explore Mount Abu and mostly people rent scooty. It’s comfortable for both male and female and you can also get a bullet, Honda bike and many other latest bikes on rent. The rent of a two wheeler is usually between (300 to 500 INR) per day it varies according to the bike you rent. You can visit every point like Nakki lake the highest peak Guru Shikhar and capture your moment. Try to explore these places early morning or evening and many things to do in Mount Abu

Two wheeler rent is (300 INR) per day to explore Mount Abu but if you demand scooty from Abu Road Railway Station they will provide the service but they will take extra charge but you will definitely enjoy the route to Mount Abu.

Mesmerizing View of Abu-Road to Mount-Abu Route

360′ View of Abu Road To Mount Abu Route

Food to Enjoy at Abu Road to Mount Abu Route

If you want to enjoy the” pahado wali maggi” and a roadside chai you must go mount abu. The peace that nature loves you will enjoy while travelling to Mount Abu. You can enjoy the street food with amazing views. You can also find many Dhaba, Restaurant were you can enjoy every type of food specially the marwaris food Dal Bati Churma and many more other varieties of food you can get you can also enjoy street food at Sat Ghum View Point, The Chocolate Room where you can enjoy the shakes pancakes  and so on.


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