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The Best 5 Star Hotels in Mount Abu For Luxurious Stay

the best 5 star hotels in mount abu for luxurious stay

A hill station near the Gujarat border in western Rajasthan is situated in the Aravali range on a rocky plateau and is surrounded by forests. In the midst of all the lush greenery, India’s summer center has a soothing and cool climate that makes you want to remain around the natural beauty a little longer each time you

Mount Abu, Rajasthan’s only hill station, is surrounded by several luxury hotels that treat their visitors like aristocrats and are deeply immersed in regal splendor and colonial charm. Consider these luxurious and comfortable 5 star hotels in Mount Abu to have your dream holiday  in the town.

Visit Mount Abu With a Touch Of Luxury

Mount Abu has a temperate climate compared to other parts of Rajasthan. The hill station is best known for its scenic beauty and its arid plains’ view below. Nakki Lake, one of the area’s top tourist destinations, is located in the hill station’s heart and is a well-known boating site.

Besides, the Dilwara Temples built centuries ago are intricately sculpted from white marble and have powerful religious significance. It is well-known among the community of Jains and is also a popular holiday attraction for travelers in the city. If you are going on a trip to Mount Abu, in that case, there are many accommodations with a touch of luxury in Mount Abu that offer all of the services and amenities that 5-star hotels in Mount Abu offer you for a comfortable stay. Mount Abu has five-star hotels.

Best 5 Star Hotels in Mount Abu For a Luxurious Stay

Seated in the ancient Aravalli hills, Mount Abu provides relief from Rajasthan’s intense heat. The state’s only hill station has a cool climate during winters and is the ideal time for several tourist activities. You will love the camel festival in January when decorated camels walk down Mount Abu’s streets, besides the plethora of religiously significant spots and temples. So, you can’t visit every site of this hill station in a single day. After a wonderful day trip around the hills, luxurious accommodation will provide you with the comfort you always looked for.

Here we have listed a few 5 star hotels in Mount Abu for your pleasant stay with a touch of luxury in Mount Abu.

1. Welcomheritage Connaught House

Ratings- 4.4

Hotel Type- 5-star

Inclusions– Free breakfast and parking, air conditioning, restaurant, kitchen in few rooms, airport shuttle, and full-service laundry

Reviews- “The Welcome Heritage hotel is stunning with optimum service and decent staff: It is a heavenly kind of hotel accommodation because of its ideal location, comfort, food, and excellent services by the hotel staff.

“The environment at Welcome Heritage hotel is wonderful with unparalleled customer services, clean and hygienic accommodation. It is my preferred option whenever I visit Mount Abu.”

The luxurious Welcome Heritage Connaught House hotel with refined lounges and restaurants is excellent for tourists. The beautiful accommodation in an English cottage is set on shady landscaped gardens and is a three km walk from the Dilwara Jain Temples and a fourteen minutes’ walk from Nakki Lake. Previously, the Maharaja’s property served as the official summer home of the princely state of Marwar’s Chief Minister. This charming English cottage is compact, neat and tidy, and is surrounded by immaculately kept gardens. This cottage is most prized for the peace and tranquility it provides.

2. Hotel Hillock

Ratings- 4.5

Hotel type- 4-star

Inclusions– Free breakfast, W-Fi and parking, air conditioning, outdoor pool, hot tub, spa, and bar

Reviews- “There aren’t many hotel accommodations across Mount Abu that provide the supreme level of individualized services as provided by the Hotel Hillock. Whether at the room service, housekeeping, or restaurant, the hotel staff genuinely cares about its visitors. Each room at Hotel Hillock is spacious and has views of the pool or the front garden. There is also a massage parlor on the facilities that gave me relief after exploring the town.”

“I experienced extremely thoughtful gestures at Hotel Hillock with superior room service. Breakfast was delicious, and overall, a fantastic hotel. It is a must-stay m for the whole family. Even though the location is ideal, all destinations are within a few kms. The room and other services provided by the hotel staff are also superior.”

HOTEL HILLOCK is Mount Abu’s standard performance hotel, perhaps the best handle in the hotel sector. With over fifty years of experience in the Mount Abu hotel industry, it truly represents a home away from home because of the care it provides its guests. Hotel Hillock is the pride of Mount Abu, located near Nakki Lake, the main market, and bus station. It is environmentally friendly and nestled in the midst of meticulously maintained surroundings. The expansive lobby of HOTEL HILLOCK, surrounded by lush landscaped gardens, welcomes you with soft music, whispering cascades, and dancing fountains. This upscale hotel is four kilometers from the intricately carved marble Dilwara Temples and two kilometers from Nakki Lake, providing you with beautiful mountain views during your stay.

3. Sterling Mount Abu

Ratings- 4.1

Hotel type- 4-star

Inclusions– Free breakfast, W-Fi and parking, air conditioning, restaurant, room service, kitchen in a few rooms, and airport shuttle.

Reviews- “I along with my family enjoyed the incredible rooftop swimming pool at the Sterling Mount Abu that provides Aravalli range’s hills panoramic view.”

“Sterling Mount Abu offers a private entrance into the forest, which is ideal for hiking and bird watching as its unique feature, making us stay more at this amazing hotel.”

Sterling Mount Abu is a serene retreat with its cool climate and view of the hills. Many tourist attractions are within walking distance of the hotel, including Nakki Lake, Dilwara Temple, and much more. There are about 69 rooms in the hotel, and it is in ideal balance with the environment because it utilizes landscaping techniques to preserve the incomparable elegance of its surroundings.


A hill station in the Sirohi district’s Aravalli range of Rajasthan, Mount Abu, is surrounded by virgin forests. Encircled by virgin forests, Mount Abu is a home to the light olive-green wings’ Munia bird. The popular boating on the beautiful Nakki Lake and the great historical Dilwara Jain Temples are worth seeing. Several incredible hotel accommodations with a touch of luxury make the stay at this wonderful place more amazing. So, the next time when you visit Mount Abu, consider the above-mentioned luxurious hotels and make your stay as wonderful as you are.

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