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The 5 Best Resorts in Mount Abu To Spend Your Holiday in Style

The 5 Best Resorts in Mount Abu To Spend Your Holiday in Style

While finalizing your itinerary for Rajasthan, you must spare a few days to explore the beauty of the only hill station in Rajasthan- Mount Abu. Perfectly nestled amid the Aravalli range, Mount Abu is one of the best hill stations in the land of royal demeanors, adorned with architectural aesthetics. 

The hill town is situated near the Sirohi range, adjacent to the Gujrat border, delivering much-needed relief to the visitors from Rajasthan’s scorching heat. There can be no better way to beat the heat in Rajasthan other than taking a dip in the cool water of Mount Abu’s resorts. 

With a bit of Rajasthan and Gujrat, Mount Abu provides you with the best scenic beauties and panoramic views, drawing the attention of many honeymoon couples and tourists from all over the world. Intimidating Aravalli’s backdrop adorned with cold breeze and natural beauty, you would surely be amazed by the serenity of Mount Abu. 

Mount Abu- The Home to Luxurious Stays and Holidays

Apart from the scenic views and natural beauties, Mount Abu has so much to do, such as sunset views, honeymoon point,  tailored hikes, bird watching, cave explorations, wildlife safaris, and much more. You obviously cannot cover all these in just one day and need to plan your stay for at least 2-3 days to explore all the hidden gems on this hill station. 

Mount Abu, therefore, has a list of the best luxurious resorts where you can plan your stay, helping you with a more memorable trip. The place has some of the best-handpicked properties and resorts to ensure an exquisite experience. 

Equipped with all the modern facilities and designed with the best architectural details, resorts in Mount Abu offer a wide range of activities and other related options to its visitors, providing them with a dreamy stay tucked in the lofted environs. 

Most of the luxurious and the best resorts of Mount Abu are the heritage buildings converted into beautiful homestays, offering the experience of past grandeur in style. 

Top 5 Resorts in Mount Abu 

Saving your extra time and efforts, this blog will provide you with the list and details of the top 5 resorts in Mount Abu, limiting your choices and helping you with the best options at just a scroll. 

Palace Hotel

Constructed more than a century ago, Palace Hotel is a project developed by the Nawab of Palanpur State and is converted into a hotel by their family members, built only at a distance of 30 kms (60 mInutes) from the railway station. This is one of the best and the most popular hotels in Mount Abu, offering royal treatment and welcome to their visitors that they have been expecting with this only hill station of Rajasthan. 

The palace was designed with pleasing aesthetic interiors and decors, keeping all the old details and cravings intact. Rooftop Stargazing from Palace Hotel is one of the immensely popular things you must not miss out on your trip, ideal for both couples and families.

Rooms at the beautiful property are available at only Rs. 8000/- per night. 

Cama Rajputana Club Resort

The Cama Rajputana Club Resort was constructed around 135 years ago, serving a comfortable stay to British officers and the royals who used to visit Mount Abu in the summers. The resort is sprawled across verdant land, offering the best scenic views, and is located only at a distance of 30Kms (60 Minutes) from Railway Junction. 

The holiday destination has around 40 rooms and two different suites, offering the best to all budgets. Welcomed with warm hospitality, visitors to this resort can also enjoy trekking, cycling, gym, sauna, bar facilities, and air rifle shooting. 

Nightly Rates for this aesthetic property start at only Rs. 5500/- onwards. 

Ratan Vilas

If you wish to plan your stay in tent-like accommodations that existed back in the 18th-19th centuries, Ratan Vilas is the best option for your search then. Situated only at 7 kilometers from Nakki Lake and 34kms away from Railway Station, the resort is no less than a paradise for nature lovers. 

The cottages and tents are designed within the proximity of the wildlife sanctuary of Mount Abu, offering eye-soothing views to nature enthusiasts. The resort comprises nine luxury and four family cottages, each providing different experiences. Hospitality at Ratan Vilas makes it the best stay option for its visitors.

Book your cottage now at the best price, starting only from Rs. 4500/- onwards for a night. 

Hotel Hillton

This 5-star property is located at the main town road- 27kms away from Railway station, conveniently only a few kilometers away from Nakki lake. If you are looking for a place to host your wedding ceremony in this hill station or any other special occasion, then the fairly spacious resort is the best option for your search. 

Providing the best hospitality and exquisite views, the place will offer you the best scenic views of the Aravalli Ranges soaked with fresh and cold air. Lavish Rooms with the best facilities are the best features of the resort. 

Explore the beauty of the hotel at only Rs. 3700/- onwards per night. 

Humming Bird Resort

Humming Bird Resort is one of the most famous destinations for couples, families, or travelers who wish to explore all the hidden gems of Mount Abu. Offering spacious, bright, and clean rooms with relaxing bed facilities, the property is located only 35kms away from Railway Station. The place is the best option if you are looking out for a blend of royal architecture and modern technologies. 

For those who wish to experience the cold weather, the outdoor swimming pool at the resort is an add-on for the best experience. Book your spa therapy appointment or spa sessions to have the best relaxing time at the humming Bird Resort, with its room prices starting only from Rs. 5000/- onwards for a night. 


Mount Abu is always on the hit list of travellers searching out for the best destination in Rajasthan in the winter season or those who want to experience the Royal Demenours adorned with cold weather. Therefore, it is the most frequently visited hill station in India, offering the best resorts and stay options for travellers. 

With so many choices of hotels and resorts, this blog will help you shortlist some of the best options according to your budgets and preferences, saving the extra time and effort for choosing the perfect ones.

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