When to Visit Mount Abu: The Ultimate Guide

when to visit mount abu

Mount Abu is the sole hill station and natural wonder in Rajasthan’s deserts, based in the Aravalli ranges of Sirohi district at an elevation of about 1220 meters above sea level. The mesmerizing hill station is also known as an “oasis in the desert” because of its well-known lakes, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuary, and temples which draw visitors from all over the globe. Guru Shikhar, at 1,722 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in the range.

It is not new to the traveller circuit and people from all across the world visit this place and also find it difficult to decide on what to see and what not to see here. This blog is the ultimate guide on when to visit Mount Abu and fun things to do there during holidays.

Mount Abu- The Switzerland of Rajasthan

Mount Abu is now among the most prominent winter vacation spots in Western India due to its scenic altitude and picturesque beauty. Each winter, many tourists visit Mount Abu as it is also considered the Switzerland of Rajasthan. A trip to Mount Abu is still a unique experience in the colder months, even if the snowfall is extremely rare. The pleasant climate of Mount Abu at this lofty altitude of approximately 1220 meters above sea level entices thousands of visitors who are drawn to this oasis in the rather drier area of Rajasthan.

Also, if you wonder if snowfall in Mount Abu is a reality, aside from a few instances in the past, as lately in 2005 when Nakki Lake became ice-cold because of sub-zero temperatures, Mount Abu has yet to experience snow. However, during the coldest month of the year, December, many visitors experienced a blanket of freezing fog or frost formed over the lake. This icing occurrence has intrigued tourists’ desire to visit this one-of-a-kind Switzerland of Rajasthan in the middle of the desert and arid terrain.

When To Visit Mount Abu

Even though Mount Abu is a year-round vacation spot, November to March is ideal for visiting. Here’s a month-to-month breakdown of Mount Abu’s climate patterns to help you schedule when to plan your trip.


The colder months from November to February are usually mild in Mount Abu, and the minimum temperature rarely falls below 12ºC. As a result, tourists can enjoy attractions across the hills and other leisure adventures. In addition, many honeymooners take a trip to this beautiful hill station during this time. 


Lasting from March to June, the summer season in Mount Abu is usually hot; however, the temperature rarely exceeds 33 degrees Celsius. Evenings could be pleasurable, with a boat tour on Nakki Lake and exploring the adventure of this small hill station. Ensure visiting Mount Abu during March if you love experiencing the festivities of Gangaur.


The monsoon season in Mount Abu lasts from June to September. Even though the hill station receives very little rainfall, this fabulous hill station’s breathtaking views and beauty are enhanced by the surroundings of lush greenery and majestic mountain mist. This season is ideal for nature lovers who enjoy strolling along Mount Abu’s spectacular scenery-side and finding solace in the small joys of mountain living. 

Things to Do in Mount Abu

Mount Abu, Rajasthan’s sole hill station, is an oasis in amongst the state’s arid and dusty landscape. Mount Abu is sited at about 4000 feet above sea level, amidst lush forests and fed by the tranquil Nakki Lake.

Consider the compiled list below to ensure these things to do when you are on a trip to the beautiful hill station Mount Abu according to who you are visiting the city. .

Winter Season

Enjoy A Stunning Sunset 

Mount Abu’s Sunset Point is the ideal place to visit at dusk, and features an impressive view of the evolving skyline against the Aravali Hills.

A Relaxing Day At The Nakki Lake

The mystical Nakki Lake in Mount Abu is said to have been dug out through gods with their nails, is a popular tourist destination to visit for a late evening excursion or early morning outings. For a joyful outing, take a boat ride, grab fantastic deals at the lakeside market, or bring your picnic basket.

Monsoon Season

Sneak Peek Within India’s Most Beautiful Temples

The Dilwara Temples, constructed between the 11th and 13th centuries, are among Mount Abu’s most famous places.

A Journey Through Time

The Achalgarh Fort, with its ornately carved temples and buildings, carries you to the 15th century and provides interesting brief flashes of the architecture of Mewar. 

Summer Season

Discover the beauty of nature and wilderness.

Mount Abu’s Wildlife Sanctuary, which spans 19 kilometers in length and 6 kilometers in width, is abundant in the home to various animals and birds and floral biodiversity. At Guru Shikhar, Rajasthan’s highest peak, the elevation ranges from 300 to 1722 meters, making tourists enjoy hiking there.

Praying In A Cave

The Adhar Devi Temple, three kilometers from Mount Abu, is made of a huge rock and is devoted to goddess Durga. You can feed your eyes on breathtaking views of the hill station after climbing about 365 steep steps and crawling your path into the inner shrine.

Mount Abu’s restaurants and food joints cater to all types of foodies, from tiny dining options serving tasty local food to multi-cuisine and fine dining.

Take Advantage Of The Opportunity To Go Shopping On The Street.

Mount Abu boasts a unique shopping experience with its mash-up of handicraft emporiums and street shops.


Mount Abu is unique in that, regardless of the lack of snowfall, Mount Abu has a plethora of tourist spots that entice tourists to visit, relish, and discover what is in front of them. But it does seem like the vibrant society and rich cultural roots of Mount Abu make your trip memorable at this lush green space surrounded by hills. The hill station maintains a constant number of visitors by becoming an all-around tourist attraction due to its milder climate relative to the rest of western India, making monsoons the ideal time to experience and explore Mount Abu’s appealing charm. 

So when it comes to when to visit Mount Abu, now you know the answer. 

When to Visit Mount Abu
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