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Camping in Mount Abu Complete Guide for Camping Lovers

Camping in Mount Abu


With adventurous camping, rappelling over igneous lava rocks formed thousands of years ago, water streams and crossing valleys with overcoming Burma bridge challenges, and zip lines are all popular activities to do in Mount Abu. This sacred mountain top, also known as the “exile of gods,” a “crown of Rajputana,” a “abode of gods,” and an “oasis in the desert,” is a “must-see site” once in a life for an amazing time, memories, and experience to remember forever.

Camping in Mount Abu-

Adventure seekers who visit Mount Abu prefer to spend time with nature, and there are numerous camping areas as well as a wildlife sanctuary,  with different levels of facilities, vistas, and remoteness.

The forest government operates two campgrounds, Saalgaon and Gaumukh, leased every month to prospective entrepreneurs. The organization or the hiring person determines the type of service.

Are You a Camping Lover – Here’s You Should Know

This hill station is best-known for camps, with attractions, such as true wilderness, far from the hustle and bustle of city lights, noise, and life. From clean and neat bedding, tents (Quechua), and washrooms to freshly cooked, hygienic non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals, the most affordable pricing in the category will provide you with an excellent experience of unforgettable hospitality and service.

Numerous camping tours are accessible, all of which offer unique perspectives. If you choose a one-night, two-day camping excursion, you will hike and camp at Jawai, beginning your trip from the Achalgarh fort. Nothing more is as peaceful as arriving at camping and sitting under the stars, with bonfires illuminating the area.

Mount Abu is a perfect place for camping. If you are looking for a camping experience- there are many things that you need to decide, including the following:

  • You must plan and make a booking before peak season.
  • Plan your travel considering the weather to make the most of camping.

Top Places to Do Camping

Camping in Mount Abu is an adventure as you get to mingle with the other campers, swap stories galore, and eat amazing delicacies. Moreover, it is a pleasure on its own to sleep beneath the moonlight and wake up in the morning and feel the chirps of the birds. Besides, camping will allow you to take in the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. So, you may get ready for the cold nights in the Aravallis, complete with gloomy nights, warm fire, and bright stars.

Mount Abu offers a lot of potential for wild environment camps, but the Wild Life department allows camping only in a few spots, including the following:

  • Agneshwar Ashram
  • Arna Watch Tower
  • Bhrigu Ashram
  • Chhipa Beri
  • Jawai village
  • Rishikesh Temple
  • Salgaon Watch Tower
  • Trevor’s Tank
  • Utraj Oriya
  • Vasthanji

Different Camping Activities that Can Be Done in Mount Abu 

Several exciting activities can be done in Mount Abu to make your trip joyful, including the following:



You can take part in a spectacular caving excursion that takes you to the Champa Caves, located between Nakki Lake and Toad Rock.


You can elevate your excitement by participating in a wonderful blend of mountaineering and rock climbing to discover the best of this beautiful hill station.

Rock Climbing

You may indulge in climbing rocks and trekking near Mount Abu on the hills’ pathways. 

Valley Crossing 

Valley Crossing in mount abu

Among the most adventurous activities, Valley Crossing entails traversing a valley utilizing ropes with two ends firmly tied on the two mountain ranges. You may put on a harness and climb up the ropes to cross some meters above the earth.

Zip Lining

zip lining in mount abu

Zip Lining is a great way to get a rush of excitement all through your trip to this wonderland.


You have to go through challenging paths and dense forests to get through your trek and enjoy the scenic views and beauty.

Best Time To Do Camping

The ideal time to do camping in Mount Abu is from mid-April to mid-August or from mid-October to mid-February. It is due to the favourable weather during these months. However, you should make the booking ahead of time since it is peak season.

Do’s and Don’ts for Camping in Mount Abu

Do’s for Camping in Mount Abu

  • It would be best to take enough track pants, sweat pants, and sweatshirts.
  • Also, carry a camera, a hat, a torch, and sports shoes.
  • Take necessary medications and a first-aid kit while planning camping in Mount Abu.

Don’ts for Camping in Mount Abu

  • You must not make reservations between the middle of February and the middle of April or between the middle of August and mid of October, since most campsites are closed.
  • Although there are no restrictions on drinking and smoking in Mount Abu; however, you must avoid or take intake moderately. Also, check with the company providing the campsite for any restrictions imposed on drinking and smoking.


Camping in this magnificent hill station, Mount Abu, will provide you with a much-needed vacation from your hectic schedule and is a nice alternative for travellers who want to get away from the hotel accommodations. You can reconnect with the environment and bask in the splendor of the Aravalli hills.

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