Famous Food in Mount Abu

local Food in Mount abu

Mount Abu is a hill station in India’s state Rajasthan, in the Sirohi district, near the Gujarat border. It is famous for beautiful places and Rajasthani food just like Dal Bati Churma, Gatte ki Khichdi, Ghewar, Lal Maas, Ker Sangri, Malpua and many more. We have compiled some of the best street food in Mount Abu that you can explore. Let’s take a look.

Local Foods of Mount Abu

1. Dal Bati Churma

Dal Baati Churma

The authentic cuisine of Rajasthan. It is a dish of daal and baati. Daal is prepared using moong dal, chana dal, tuvaar dal, and urad dal. The lentils are cooked together after being soaked in water. After that tadka is given in daal.

Baati is a hard bread ball made up of wheat flour. Wheat flour kneaded with a little bit of salt, ghee and water. Small round balls of this dough are cooked in oven.

Churma is a sweet accompaniment served with daal baati. It is prepared by grinding or crushing baked baati then thoroughly mixing it with melted ghee, sugar or gud (Jaggery), dry-fruits.

Best place – Jodhpur Bhojnalaya, Mount Abu
Address – Jodhpur bhojnalaya, Opposite Bank of Baroda, Mount abu, (Pin code- 307501)
Reviews– 1454

2. Gatte Ki Khichdi

Gatte Ki Khichdi

It is a rice dish famous in Mount-Abu. It is famous dish amongst tourists visiting the mount abu. The rice which is used in khichdi is cooked along with dumplings of besan (Gatte) and flavoured with aromatic spices.

Best place – Jodhpur Bhojnalaya, Mount abu
Address – Jodhpur Bhojnalaya, Opposite Bank of Baroda, Mount abu, (Pin code- 307501)

3. Laal Maas

Laal Maas

Laal maas is a meat curry in Rajasthan. Its Vibrant red colour maans. It is a mutton curry prepared in a sauce of yoghurt and hot spices such as red mathania chillies.

The dish is typically very hot and rich in garlic. Gravy may be thick and liquid.

Best place – Zaika Restaurant & Cannaught House
Address – Zaika restaurant, SANI GOAN, Arbuda Circle, Mount Abu (Pin code- 307501)
Address – Cannaught house, Rajendra Road, Mount Abu (Pin code- 307501)

4. Mohan Maas

Mohan Maas

Mohan maas is a rich creamy mutton recipe. It Maass apart from Laal maas and Jungli maas in colour.

It has white gravy owing to the usage of milk (or curd) and has a much milder flavour.

Best place – Jaipur Palace
Address – Sunset Road, near Nakki Lake, Mount Abu, (Pin code- 307501)

5. Pyaz Ki Kachori

It is a spicy snack food from Jaipur, Rajasthan but also a very famous breakfast and street food in Mount Abu.

It is a crisp and flaky deep-fried snack made with plain flour (maida) and onion stuffing. This can be enjoyed at several shops in mount abu.

Best place – cha
Address – cha, Near Nakki lake, Mount Abu (Pin code- 307501)

6. Ghevar


Ghevar is a Rajasthani cuisine disc-shaped sweet made from ghee, flour, milk, and sugar syrup. Flour, ghee, milk, and water are mixed to make a batter. The batter is then fried in ghee and the sweet is fried into a golden honeycomb-like disc. After that soaked in sugar syrup. Common toppings include rabadi and nuts.

You can enjoy this sweet at several sweet shops and restaurants in Mount Abu.

Best place- Uttarayan Restaurant Mount Abu
Address – Wordsworth lodge, near Mini Nakki Lake, Mount Abu (Pin code- 307501)

7. Malpua


Malpua is a traditional Indian sweet of sugar syrup coated pancakes made with all-purpose flour (wheat flour also use), curd (yoghurt), khoya (dried milk solids) and topped with nuts. Malpua recipe is often made during festivals, and special occasions and is a street food as well.

It is famous in the streets of Mount Abu.

Soft and fluffy on the inside, crisp on the outside.

At some places, it served with Rabri.

Best place – Abu Chaat Junction
Address – Abu Chaat junction, Sabzi Mandi, Mount Abu (Pin code- 307501)

8. Ker Sangri

The Ker Sangri recipe is a traditional Rajasthani dish that is made from a combination of dried beans and berries that are grown locally in Rajasthan.

It embodies the history of the Thar Desert and captures the resourcefulness of the people who call the desert their home.

You can find this recipe in most of the restaurants in Mount Abu.

Best place – Arbuda restaurant
Address – Arbuda restaurant, Mount Abu (Pin code- 307501)

9. Bajre Ki Roti

Bajre Ki Roti

Bajra roti is a traditional Indian flatbread made with bajra or black pearl millet flour making it extremely nutritious. It is an excellent source of protein found in dry and arid region of Mount Abu. It is said that “bajre ki roti nahi khai to kya hi khaya”. (What did you eat if you didn’t eat bajra roti).

The bajra roti are thickly rolled, cooked on tava then roast over an open flame till brown spots appear.

It dripping with gud ( jaggery), ghee (smeared on roti), and garlic chutney.

Best place – Jodhpur bhojanalaya
Address – Jodhpur Bhojanalaya, Opposite Bank of Baroda, Near Taxi Stand, Mount Abu (Pin code- 307501)

10. Makhaniya Lassi

Makhaniya Lassi

Indian yoghurt-based drink. If you have ever been to Mount Abu, you would have been asked for Makhaniya lassi.

It’s a cooling and refreshing lassi made with curd, sugar, and adds saffron and rose water for taste and colour. It is topped with dry fruits.

11. Moong Dal Halwa

Moong Dal Halwa

Moong lentils based sweet dish in which the lentils are grounded into a paste, sweetened with milk and sugar and cooked with lots of ghee and served hot with dry fruits as garnishing and topped with some more ghee.

The mouth-melting texture, unique aroma and taste makes this so special.

This dessert is prominently cooked during the winters in households, weddings and sweet shops all across Mount Abu.

Best place – Hillock Hotel
Address – Hotel Hillock, Mount Abu (Pin code- 307501)

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