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Indore To Mount Abu Bus

Indore to Mount Abu Bus

This blog post will delve into the various aspects of taking the Indore to Mount Abu Bus. We will cover the distance between the two cities, the various bus routes and schedules available, and the types of buses you can choose from.

The distance between Indore and Mount is approximately 548 kilometers. One of the convenient and popular modes of transportation for traveling. Unfortunately there are no buses from Indore to Mount Abu or Abu Road. But there are several buses running between Indore to Udaipur which is about 150kms from Abu Road and from there you can take other options of transportation to reach Mount Abu. State-run and private bus operators that offer regular bus services between Indore and Udaipur. The approximate travel time by bus is around 11-12 hours, depending on the route and the type of bus.

Buses from Indore to Udaipur

Indore to Mount Abu Bus

There is a total of 22 buses available from Indore to Udaipur. 6 Buses are under the Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporate (RSRTC) and 16 Buses running by different travel operators. AC/non AC, Sleeper/non-sleeper all types of buses are available from Indore.

RSRTC Buses from Indore to Udaipur

Bus NameDeparture Time from SirohiArrival Time to JaipurServiceTime DurationTicket FarePickup
Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation-17477708:2518:30Express Non AC Seater 2+310h 5m420/-INDORE
Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation-15235607:4518:30Express Non AC Seater 2+310h 45m420/-INDORE
Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation-15976905:0016:00Express Non AC Seater 2+311h 0m420/-INDORE
Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation-18273123:4509:30Express Non AC Seater 2+39h 45m420/-INDORE
Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation-18392309:3020:15Express Non AC Seater 2+310h 45m419/-INDORE
Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation-17133221:4508:30Express Non AC Seater 2+310h 45m420/-INDORE

*Female passenger gets 30% concession at RSRTC

Private Travels Buses from Indore to Udaipur

Operator NameDeparture Time from IndoreArrival Time to UdaipurTime DurationStarting PricePickup
Gagan Tourist
NON A/C Sleeper (2+1)
22:0507:309h 25m₹500Rajmohalla Square Gagan Tourist
Gajraj Travels
NON AC Seater / Sleeper 2+1
16:3004:3012h 0m₹550Teen Imli Square
Sikha Manglam Travels
NON AC Seater / Sleeper 2+1
21:5506:498h 54m₹350Rajmohalla
Multani Sona Travels
NON AC Seater / Sleeper 2+1
20:0006:3010h 30m₹400Pipliyahan Square
Jain travels regd
NON AC Seater / Sleeper 2+1
16:0002:1510h 15m₹750World Cup Square

Check out more Private Buses : Goibibo

Importance of Taking the bus between Indore to Mount

There are several reasons why taking the bus may be a convenient and economical option for traveling between Indore to Mount Abu:

  1. Affordability: Taking the bus is often more affordable compared to other modes of transportation, such as trains or flights. Bus tickets are generally more budget-friendly, making it a good option for travelers on a tight budget.
  2. Convenience: Bus stations are usually located in the city center or close to major transportation hubs, making it easy to access and convenient for travelers. Buses also operate regularly, with multiple departures throughout the day, making it easier to find a bus that fits your schedule.
  3. Scenic routes: Bus journeys can offer a more scenic and immersive experience compared to other modes of transportation, as you can enjoy the views of the countryside and local villages along the way.
  4. Comfort: Many modern buses offer comfortable seating and amenities such as air conditioning, restroom facilities, and on-board entertainment, making the journey more pleasant.
  5. Environmental sustainability: Taking the bus is a more environmentally friendly option compared to driving or flying, as it generates fewer emissions and uses less fuel.

Taking the bus between Indore and Mount Abu can be an economical and sustainable way to travel between these two cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

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