Indore to Mount Abu Train

Indore to Mount Abu Train

If you’re planning to travel from Indore to Mount Abu by train, there are several options available. Several trains operate between Indore to Abu Road. But all the trains are connecting trains. You can book tickets from Indore to Udaipur and then reach Mount Abu by other modes of Transportation. It is advisable to book tickets in advance through the Indian Railways website or at a local railway station. The journey takes about 10-12 hours, depending on the route and the train you take.

It’s a good idea to book your tickets in advance, especially during peak season, as trains can get fully booked. Make sure to carry a printout of your ticket or have it saved on your phone, as you’ll need to show it to the ticket collector when boarding the train. The trains usually have comfortable seating arrangements, and some may also have onboard amenities such as a pantry car or charging ports.


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Tips for Making the Indore to Mount Abu Train Journey Comfortable

  1. Book tickets in advance: Make sure to book your tickets as early as possible to ensure availability, especially during peak season or on holidays. This will also help you get the best prices and avoid last-minute stress.
  2. Choose the right class of service: Decide on the class of service that best suits your needs and budget. Sleeper class is the most basic and affordable option, while 3AC and 2AC offer a higher level of comfort and privacy.
  3. Pack light: Train journeys can be long, and you will likely be spending a lot of time on the train. Pack only the essentials and consider bringing a small bag that you can easily store under your seat or in the overhead luggage rack.
  4. Stay hydrated: It’s important to stay hydrated during the journey, especially if you are traveling in the heat of the summer. Bring a water bottle and make sure to drink plenty of fluids.
  5. Charge your devices: Make sure to charge your phone, laptop, and any other electronic devices before you leave, as you may not have access to power outlets during the journey.
  6. Take breaks: If you are traveling in a group, consider rotating who gets the upper and lower bunk beds to give everyone a chance to stretch out and get some rest.
  7. Keep your valuables safe: Keep your valuables, such as your wallet and passport, in a safe and secure place, whether that’s a money belt or a locked luggage compartment.
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