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Mount Abu In August

Mount Abu in August

Mount Abu in August especially in monsoon is the island’s Tranquility. With not many tourists around you can enjoy the hill station at your leisure. The national park is teeming with wildlife and Abu itself takes on a relaxed aura. The monsoon temperature of Mount Abu stays between 28 – 34°C. Occasionally dropping to 28°C. rain intermittently during the day and the air is humid. Monsoon is the low season in Abu. You will not find crowds and consequently, you may enjoy a significant discount on your travel and hotel stays.

Even though it doesn’t rain heavily in Abu, untimely rain can affect your sightseeing plans. So make sure you factor that in your daily plan though it rarely goes below 28°C. Due to rain you will feel cooler in the evening and nights are cooler than the day. Due to its proximity to the desert, Abu doesn’t receive torrential rainfall like most other Hill Stations.  

Here is some information about what you take with you? What place should you visit? What should I pack? The thing that stops you from planning a trip to Mount Abu below down. 

Weather in Mount Abu In August

August, the same as July, in Mount Abu, India, is another pleasant rainy (monsoon) season month, with an average temperature varying between 22.7°C (72.9°F) and 17.8°C (64°F). In August, the average high-temperature is practically the same as in July – an agreeable 22.7°C (72.9°F). In Mount Abu, the average low-temperature is 17.8°C (64°F).

Place To Visit Mount Abu In August

1.Boating At Nakki

Nakki Lake

A visit to Mount Abu is incomplete without boating in Nakki Lake. It is the biggest man made lake at the level of 1200 meters in India and is sincerely called the affection pool of Mount the consecrated lake for the proud Garcia you sail through, you can enjoy mesmerizing views of hills, nature and the shaped rock surrounding the lake. The boating are of 2 types: the Pedal boating and Shikaras. The boating may last for to see the entire Lake.

Price: 200 per person for a pedal boat and 300 for Shikaras boat. (5rs) for life jacket.

Timing:9.30 Am – 6 PM

2.Explore The WildLife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Earlier a forest, and now a sanctuary, the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary has an abundance of species of fauna and flora. Mount Abu Sanctuary Fans out into a level which is around 19 km long and 6 km wide. In elevation, it goes from 300m to 1,722m at Guru Shikhar. while the sanctuary is the home to species like wild boar, porcupine, jackal & more, it is also home to leopard and the unique Jungle Fowl bird. To explore the sanctuary, a few exciting safaris can be experienced at the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. You can select Jeep Safaris to encounter the best of the Wildlife Sanctuary.Plus, you can plan a climbing or a travelling trip inside this huge Park.

Timings– 09:00 Am to 05:30 PM

Entry Fee-50 INR per person

Open on Days-Monday to Sunday

Price For Jeep Safari-300 to 600 INR per person

3.Sunset Point

Sunset Point

Absorb the amazing viewpoints at SUNSET POINT, which is viewed as one of the most outstanding spots to visit in Mount Abu of August, inferable from the lovely environment and tranquil environmental factors. An entrancing view close to Nakki Lake in Mount Abu. has all the joys of the world pressed and conveyed to your heart. The spot offers uncommon viewpoints on the lovely slopes, kissed with the emanating beams of the sun. The sunset point is a retreat for all nature darlings to luxuriate in the brilliance of the last beams of the. This is the best place to visit in Mount Abu.

Location: Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Timing :6 AM TO 6 PM

4.Toad Rock

Toad Rock

The place Toad Rock is a Titanic Stone piece which seems to be a frog going to hop in the water of lake. Toad Rock is also known as the Mascot of Mount Abu, this is perhaps this place is mostly visited point in the itinerary of all the visitors. To see the all-encompassing beauty of the surrounding lake and green hilly area you can ascend the stone and catch the stunning view. Hit this lonely spot and find many individuals climbing this wondrous shape rock with uttermost energy.

This wonderful stone is supposed to be shaped with 3 incredible components- the Sun, the Downpour, and the Breeze.

Cost Category – Moderated Budget

Activity for – Group, Solo, Couple, Family

Entry Fee – 3000 INR

Timing – 6;30 AM-6;45 PM

Time Required – Less Than 1 HR

Location – Near Nakki Lake, Mount abu

5.Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikhar

The highest point of Mount Abu offers the beautiful view of the city. The Guru Shikhar is the one of the best places to visit in august apart from showing the best view this place also has Guru Dattatreya temple. Guru Shikhar, situated in Mount Abu, Rajasthan is the most noteworthy pinnacle in the Aravalli ranges, remaining at an incredible rise of 1722 meters. The Guru Shikhar is 15km away from the Mount Abu the best thing to do in Mount Abu.

Location:15 km away from Mount Abu.

6.Explore Achalgarh Fort Achaleshwar Mahadev

Achaleshwar Mahadev

Achalagarh is Situated 11 km away from Mount Abu, Achalgarh Fort was worked under the rule of the Parmar line. Later it was revamped by Maharana Kumbha in 1452 CE. The stronghold was made with the reason to watch out for developments.There is a well-known Shiv sanctuary, Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple and Mandakini Lake inside the complex of posts. In the focal point of Achaleshwar Mahadev, there is a formed picture of Nandi (the white bull on which Lord Shiva rides) which is made of 5 metals (bronze, gold, zinc, copper and metal). Near the temple, three stone buffaloes are standing around a pond. Visitors mostly come to visit stone buffaloes.

Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM

Location: Achalgarh Village Mount Abu

7.Dilwara Temple

Dilwara Temple

Dilwara Temple is one of the finest and architecturally renowned Jain temples in India. every day a large number of people visit this temple every day. The major attraction is there architecture, the high-quality craftsmanship marble stone work is clearly visible in every aspect of temple, the making is truly amazing and unique, visitor come here to enjoy the peace of sense and divine connect. This temple complex has five sections dedicated to five Jain Tirthankara’s. It is located 2 and half km away from Mount Abu. The most important thing here is that the phone camera is not allowed.

Accommodation In Mount Abu In August

Accommodation In Mount Abu In August
HotelContact NoAddress ReviewWebsite 
1.The Mount   Bunglow09016130530Hetamji, Mount Abu,Rajasthan 3075014.6
2. Hotel Hillock09145810320Abu Cart Road,mount abu,rajasthan 3075014.5
3.Chacha In09928632807Main Road,Mount Abu,Rajasthan 3075014.4
4.Hotel Hilltone+919414154888
Main road,opp.Bus Stand,Mount Abu,Rajasthan 3075014.2
5.Sterling Mount Abu09358820300Aranya Village,sterling,neel Kanth rd,dhundai village,Mount Abu,rajasthan 3075014.1 star
6.Cama Rajputana Club Resort02974238205Road,Arbuda Devi,Mount Abu,Rajasthan 3075014 star
7.Hotel Shiv Villa7778836470
Behind Gujarat circuit house near. Kumbharwada, Dhundiya, Mount Abu,Rajasthan,3075013.9
8.Hotel Yorkshire Inn081287750109 Palanpur House Colony, opp. Income tax office, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 3075013.7
9.Hotel Golden Veena09413774876Main Road, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 3075013.4
10.Hotel Ascot Inn08000719476Opp. Polo Ground, Near Taxi Stand, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 3075013.5 star

How To Get Mount Abu In August

How To Get Mount Abu In August

The Mount Abu is connected to all the cities, you can get regular bus trains from every cities

By train :The Abu Road station is the nearest to reach Mount Abu. It is 30km away from Abu Road; the regular trains are there from Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai and many more.

By Air: Since the abu road does not have any airport the nearest international airport is in Ahmedabad and the domestic airport is in can get down there from, there you have to take train bus or taxi whatever is suitable for you.

By Bus:The regular buses both private and government, are available between Mount Abu and Udaipur,Delhi,Jaipur,Ahmedabad and So On.

Tip To Visit Mount Abu In August

Tip To Visit Mount Abu In August

Here are some few tips you should follow while you are travelling in the month of june:

  • Keep checking on the weather while you are travelling. 
  • Carry your umbrella which can protect you from 2 things, the first one from rain and 2 one is to protect from sun.
  • Always follow the instructions of every point you visit. It will help you and guide you the proper way and you can enjoy your trip very well.
  • Boating may be difficult in the evening  because of the rush, try to visit at day time.
  • Try to eat Hygienic Food while travelling. It will protect from illness due to climate change.
  • carry your camera to capture the mesmerising view while travelling.
  • Ensure that you pack your clothes in waterproof luggage.
  • Gumboots and sandals are recommended over regular footwear as they dry easily.
  • Do not forget the mosquito repellent.
  • Be sure to choose a place to eat and avoid roadside food.


To make the most of your vacation, visit a few of the places mentioned above Abu’s beautiful locations and participate in some exciting and pleasurable activities. With this list of the most incredible things to do in Mount Abu in August, you can start planning your trip to Mount Abu, the mountainous getaway, pretty quickly and booking the Mount Abu tour package, taxi service in mount Abu, Mount Abu hotels, 5-star hotels in Mount Abu, the best resort in Mount Abu, Mount Abu resorts with swimming pool, or restaurants in Mount Abu. So what you are thinking  pack your bag to visit this beautiful and only Mountain in Rajasthan.

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