Mount Abu Tourism: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2022

Mount Abu Tourism: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2022

A perfect blend of serenity and tranquillity, Mount Abu is much more than just the only famed Hill Station of Rajasthan. It is a complete package filled with architectural aesthetics, lush green landscapes, scenic mountain views, and historical beauties, and it is also a renowned honeymoon destination in Rajasthan.

 So, if you’re planning to escape from Rajasthan’s scorching heat, then Mount Abu is an ideal gateway location for you.

Regarded with different phrases, Mount Abu is known as the “Kashmir of Rajasthan“, “Greenest Patch of Rajasthan“, and “Oasis of Rajasthan“. The pleasant weather, great outdoor adventure options and nature hotspots make it an idyllic all-year-round destination, marked as a traveller’s paradise for nature lovers.

 If you plan to visit Mount Abu, this guide will help you with all the essential information about the hill station, detailing the best and must-visit places for travellers’ ease.  

Mount Abu Travel Guides:

We only get the heated, deserted, and sandy plains views whenever we hear about Rajasthan. But this is just one side of the “Land of Kings“, which is the North-West part of the state. If you explore the details for the other parts, you will find a plethora of beautiful options for lakes, mountains, rivers, flora and fauna.

Mount Abu is just the perfect example of all these views, one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in Rajasthan. It is the popular go-to destination for people of Gujrat, Rajasthan and other parts of the country. 

The hill station is located nearly 1200 metres above sea level on a plateau-like mountain that stretches 6 km from East to West and 19 km from end to end. The hill station is situated at the Rajasthan-Gujrat border, in the lap of Aravalli Hills and is well connected to all parts of the country by train, air and road.

Moreover, offering the best reasonable itinerary quotations, accommodation costs for the Mount Abu hotels begins only from Rs. 500/- per night, making it an ideal preference for youth. 

Popular Destinations:

Mount Abu is also known as the Jewel of Rajasthan, offering numerous different experiences that you’d never forget in your lifetime. Some of the best and most popular places to visit on Mount Abu are: 

1.  Dilwara Temples:  

Dilwara Temples

Dilwara temples undoubtedly draw the most tourists to this pristine hill station.

One step into the temple, you will be amazed by this place’s architectural aesthetics and details. The temple was constructed back in the 11th to 13th centuries AD and still holds the tag of one of the best architectural examples in Rajasthan. 

Details and carvings in the white marble ooze the artistic beauty of the famous Jain temple, also adorned with an illustrious entrance gate, imposing doorways, intricately carved ceilings and magnificent pillars. This is an important pilgrimage site for Jains, including 5 legendary marble temples for Mahavir Swami, Luna Vashi, Vimal Vashi, Parshavanath and Pittalhar. 

2.  Peace Park: 

Peace Park

The magnificent Peace Park is part of Brahma Kumari’s Spiritual establishment and provides the perfect peaceful environment for all the travellers and worshippers. It will drive you into the world of beauty, peace and spirituality, eliminating all the noises and disturbances of the city.

 It is managed by Brahma Kumar and Kumari and is a cocoon of relaxation. It is wrapped by Guru Shikhar and Achalgarh, the two most famous Aravalli Peaks. 

The place offers guided tours for the visitors, helping them explore all the hidden gems in the nook and corner of the park. Not only restricted to medication and spirituality, but the peace park is also a hotspot for nature walks and picnic fields, the rose garden being the hit highlight amongst the tourists. 

3.  Nakki Lake:

Nakki lake

 It is believed that God dug the earth with his nails, and water came out of the hole, giving birth to the mythological and the most popular attraction of the hill station.

 Nakki Lake, the name for this popular sightseeing destination, is derived from nails (Nakh in Hindi). It is surrounded by hills from all three sides, offering the most beautiful, refreshing, and soothing ambience. 

4.  Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary:

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

 Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best wildlife existences in Rajasthan. It covers an area of around 6-8 km on a long plateau and is home to some of the best exotic species and indigenous rocks and charges only Rs. 300/- to Rs. 600/- per person for Jeep Safari

 The sanctuary has a list of around 112 exotic plant species, including wild roses, bryophytes, ferns and algae. All these plants serve medicinal purposes, and some of the rare animal species found in the sanctuary are Indian Fox, pangolin, hyaena, wolf and wild boar. 

5.  Luna Vashi Temple:

Luna Vashi Temple

 The Luna Vashi Temple is considered an extended part of the Dilwara Temples and is devoted to Lord Neminath. It was constructed back in 1230 by Tejpal and Vastupal, the most renowned ministers. Architectural details grab the attention of all the visitors, showcasing intricate and detailed delicate marble work.

 The Main Hall of the temple is its highlight, adorned with a central dome designed with layered lotus flowers and a circular band. This temple was constructed around 15 years, and no wonder it holds the most beautiful details to date.

Activities to do and Events to Attend in Mount Abu:

 The rugged and steep plains adorned with lush green surroundings offer a list of options for adventure activities, making your trip a lifetime memorable experience. Some of the best adventurous activities in the hill station are: 

  • Trek to Guru Shikhar and Vashtanji:

Located at the highest peaks, these two are the best trekking destinations in Mount Abu, and the hill station offers the best and most reasonable trek price for these locations, varying from around Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 3000/-. 

  • Hiking in the Mount Abu Hills:

There are 17 nature pathways and trails, offering the best experience to hikers and bikers.

  • Cliff/Rock Climbing: 

The rugged terrains provide the best path for mountain and rock climbers, offering idyllic scenic views. 

  • Mountain Bike Ride on Hilly Path:

If you love to ride mountain bikes and want the ultimate thrilling experience, you can also opt for late night or early morning mountain bike rides, covering the heights for the best experiences. 

  • Camping in Aravalli Hills:

Make your stay in Mount Abu more adventurous by opting for camps in the dense Aravalli forests, relaxing and stargazing in the autumn and summer months. 

  • Bird and Crocodile Watching at Trevor’s Tank: 

Trevor’s tank is an artificial reservoir, and viewers can spot a variety of fishes and crocodiles in the tank. Apart from aquatic animals, travellers can also spot the variety of partridges and peacocks in the rocky outcrops and verdant forests. 

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride: 

To explore and closely experience the feel of panoramic views, go for a hot air balloon ride on the mountainous slopes. 

  • Summer Festival:

Summer Festival is a two-day carnival organised in May, showcasing Rajasthan’s rich culture through classical music, musical folk dance and vibrant costumes.

  • Winter Festival:

If you are planning to visit in December, spare some time for the winter festival that showcases the best Rajasthani talents, including folk dance, traditional dance, art and fireworks. 

Best Time to Visit Mount Abu:

Mount Abu is a traveller’s paradise, offering the best views. The hill station has a pleasant climate for the whole year.

  • From April to June, summer in Mount Abu is comfortable, pleasant, and slightly warm, with temperatures ranging between 21-33 degrees Celsius.
  • July to October is the rainy season where the lush green landscapes are adorned with fresh rains, allowing travellers to relish the luxuriant surroundings.
  • For all those who wish to go in freezing weather, November to January is an ideal time for you all. The weather is cold and soothing, with temperatures fluctuating between 12 to 30 degrees Celsius.

 November to January is, therefore, the best time to visit Mount Abu, as the cold breeze helps calm and rejuvenate the mind and soul, making the hill station a perfect winter retreat. 

To all the visitors planning their itinerary for Mount Abu, “Mount Abu Hotels Contact Number 1600″ will help you find the best accommodation and availability details, further helping fetch the best rates. 

How to Reach the Hill Station?

Mount Abu enjoys good connectivity from the rest of the world, easily approachable through road, train and air. Some of the nearest airports and stations to the hill station are: 

  • Airport: 

Maharana Pratap Airport is the nearest airport to Mount Abu, located nearly 200kms from the hill station.

If you stay far away from Rajasthan and wish to save your travelling time from Udaipur to Mount Abu, you may opt for flights landing in Udaipur. Book a cab or taxi to cover the remaining distance, enjoying the scenic views on your on-road journey. 

  • Railway Station: 

Mount Abu has regular trains from Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and other major cities. The nearest railway station is only 28 kms away from the hill station on Abu Road. 

  • Taxi and Bus Stand: 

To all those who love to travel via road, state government and private buses and taxis are readily available. Book your preferable option now to explore the green oasis of Rajasthan.   

One-or Two-Day Trip to Mount Abu:

Mount Abu in 24 or 48 hours is always a hot topic over the internet. People usually look out for the itinerary of the hill station that helps them with a full tour in one or two days. To all those wondering whether this is an ideal option or not, the answer is Yes. Mount Abu can be explored in 24-48 hours.

Mount Abu is an ideal weekend gateway for you if you also have time constraints. All the major tourist destinations for the hill station are located only at a distance of a few kilometres and can be covered in 48 hours if precisely pre-planned.

Make sure to study all the places before planning your trip. Shortlist the best attractions, note down the distance and time for travelling and schedule your trip accordingly for the best one- or two-day experiences.

For all the visitors or travellers planning their 24/48 hours trip from Jaipur to Mount Abu, you can get reasonable quotations varying from Rs. 3000/- to Rs. 10,000/- or even more, depending on accommodations and services opted for. 

 Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. What are the best adventure activities to do on Mount Abu?
    Trek to the highest peak of Aravalli, wildlife spotting at the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, spelunking in the hill caves, trekking and camping in Aravalli hills, bird watching at Trevor’s tank, mountain biking in the Aravalli hills is some of the hit adventure activities available for travellers in Mount Abu. 
  2. What Should I Buy in Mount Abu?
    Mount Abu shopping streets are famous for historical items, a variety of hookahs, clothing and ancient jewellery. 
  3. How is the climate in Mount Abu?
    Mount Abu has a pleasant climate for the whole year, and November-January is the best time to visit the hill station. 
  4. What are the best Shopping Places in Mount Abu?
    Piccadilly Plaza, Chacha Museum, Bansilal Bhurmal, Kashmir Cottage Emporium, Khadi Bhandar and Nakki lake market are the hit shopping places of the hill station.
  5. What is the approximate wedding cost in Mount Abu?
    Mount Abu offers pleasant weather in all 12 months, offering the best options for destination weddings. Moreover, the event planners offer different options according to the preference, with the average cost varying from Rs. 3,00,000/ to Rs. 25,00,000/- or even more. 
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