Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary For People Looking for a Thrilling Getaway

mount abu wildlife sanctuary

For the wildlife enthusiast looking for something new, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is the destination you’ve been looking for. Located in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is home to some of the most incredible wildlife India has to offer — including peacocks, deer, and over 100 species of birds best seen in the morning hours. The best part? Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary can be accessed by car within an hour or less of your hotel.

The Sanctuary is thin and long, measuring about 300 to 1772 meters in width and five to eight kilometers in length. The Sanctuary is formed with igneous rocks that have developed large cavities in several areas due to water weathering and wind. It is a frequent occurrence throughout the Mount Abu area. This prominent Sanctuary in Rajasthan is notable for its floristic biodiversity, making it a thrilling getaway for nature lovers. 

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is For All Adventure Lovers 

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is located on a plateau in the Aravallis mountain range, one of India’s oldest mountain ranges. It was created in 1980 and covers about 288 square kilometers and is home to Guru Shikhar, Rajasthan’s highest peak of about 1722 meters. 

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is the ideal place for adventure lovers. You will find several unseen natural beauties from rare animals to plant species while on your adventure trip to this incredible Sanctuary.

The park’s forest is mostly thorn or dry deciduous forest in the foothills, with sub-tropical evergreen forests in the valley and at higher elevations. Monocots and Dicots of various species can be found here. More than 89 shrub species, 28 climber species, 17 medicinal plant species, and 81 tree species. This sanctuary also witnesses algae, bryophytes, and other plants commonly.

Spending a few hours in Wildlife Sanctuary along with a few days trip to Mount Abu while on holiday in the desert region would be a special treat. The park can be scaled in even less than two hours by jeep, and Trekking through the forest zone can be turned into a full-fledged vacation if desired.

What Makes Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Special?

Mount Abu WildLife Sanctuary is home to more than 820 floral species, and it is the only spot throughout Rajasthan where a wide range of orchids can be seen. The Sanctuary also boasts sixteen species of floras and three species of wild roses. The Sanctuary’s rich bamboo forests can be found in the southwest corner.

Mount Abu WildLife Sanctuary is home to a wide range of animals, such as chinkara, wild boar, Sambar deer, sloth bear, and Indian Leopard, in addition to the flora. Approximately 250 bird species live in the Sanctuary, including the rare green Avadavat and grey jungle fowl.

Things To Do In Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary 

Timings- 09:00 a.m. to 05:30 p.m.

Entry Fee- 50 INR per person

Open on Days- Monday to Sunday

Price for Jeep Safari- 300 to 600 INR per person

Several thrilling safaris can be experienced in the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. You can opt for Jeep safaris to experience the best of the Wildlife Sanctuary. Besides, you can plan a hiking or a trekking trip inside this stunning park. You can hire a guide to view and know each part of the wonderful park when you explore the adventures of the park.

Winter is the best time to visit the Sanctuary if you want to explore, hike, or trekking. During the summer, countless mammals can be seen in the reservoir area. The small water sources in the depth of the forest region dry out in the summer because of humidity, pushing mammals to come to the reservoir to quench their thirst. Summer is also a good time to see animals with their young ones. You will also witness much interesting flora during summers. The area will be free of obstructions, allowing for perfect photography.

With the slippery ground, exploration and hiking become difficult during monsoons. Seeing animals is difficult during this time of year, and however, if heavy rain is predicted, trekking and safari are permitted during this season. The winter season is also an excellent time to see rare birds in this area.

The tourist season runs from October to March, but the location is stunning all year round. The park is best visited early in the morning to see the most birds and animals.

What is the best way to get to the Wildlife Sanctuary of Mount Abu?

Morthala railway station, 18 kilometers from Mount Abu, is the nearest station. You can book a car service or take the bus to get to the Sanctuary from the railway station. Cabs are available to take you to the Sanctuary’s entrance. If you take the bus, you will have to walk some meters to get to the Sanctuary. Mount Abu is the closest city to this Wildlife sanctuary. To get to Mount Abu, you can book a cab from anywhere in Rajasthan. The price of the cab service ranges depending on the season. Mount Abu is also accessible by bus from several cities.


The Wildlife Sanctuary of Mount Abu is one of the best spots for people looking for a thrilling gateway. As stated in history, Bengal tigers and Asiatic lions once roamed this Sanctuary, but they were last seen several decades ago. The hedgehog, sloth bear, porcupine, pangolin, Indian hare, common langur, wild boar, Indian Leopard, sambar, and common mongoose are currently the most common animals to see. You can enjoy more than 250 bird species spotted here, with green Avadavat and jungle fowl being the most notable. Small mammals, crocodiles, and birds have all been spotted in the reservoir area. So, the next time you visit Rajasthan, visit the Wildlife Sanctuary for your adventurous trip to this wonderful park with safaris, trekking, hiking, and much more to explore.


1.     When to visit Mount Abu?

The peak traveler season in Mount Abu is from November to February. Tourists galore in Abu all over the season as the hill station dresses up in its best festive attire to welcome tourists from all over India and abroad. It is the time when Mount Abu is at its best.

2.     Where is The Mount Abu Sanctuary Located? 

The Wildlife Sanctuary of Mount Abu is situated on one of the country’s oldest mountain ranges, encompassing a large plateau, including Guru Shikhar, Rajasthan’s highest peak.

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