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Places To Visit Near Ambaji

Places To Visit Near Ambaji

Ambaji Temple, a conspicuous journey spot of Gujarat in India, is arranged on the fringe of the States of Gujarat and Rajasthan close to Abu Road in Danta taluka of Banaskantha District, close to the beginning of the noteworthy Vedic virgin waterway SARASWATI, on the slopes of Arasur Parvat south-west side of Aravalli Hills.

It is known for its authentic associations with locales of social legacy.

Ambaji has various lovely strict locales, which ended up being entrancing architectural examples like Ambaji Temple, Gabbar Hills, Kumbhariya Jain Temple, Kamakshi Temple and some more.

Ambaji is significantly connected with the love of Goddess Amba. The Ambaji temple is devoted to her love.

Top Places To Visit Near Ambaji

The Ambaji Temple

Ambaji Temple Gujarat

Ambaji Temple is the place of worship of Goddess Maa Devi Ambe. It is one of the 51 Shakti Peetha Tirth and the focal point of Shakti puja.

There is no symbol or photograph of Maa Ambe yet it has a three-sided Vishwa Yantra, recorded with figures and the syllable ‘Shree’ in the middle, addressing the divinity. It is the main temple in existence where consistently the different Vahan is used as Safari of Maa Ambe.

A huge number of aficionados visited the Ambaji temple consistently, particularly on the full moon of Kartik, Chaitra, Asho, and Bhadrapad.

Gabbar Hills

Gabbar Hill

Gabbar Hill, a little hillock around 4 km toward the west of Ambaji town, is accepted to have been the first seat of the goddess, the site of Krishna’s stylistic service (custom head-shaving), and the home of the heavenly Mahishasur-Mardini.

The slope is exceptionally steep and hard to climb. There are 300 stone strides at the foot of the slope after which the explorers need to move through a tight perilous track. On the level top of the slope, there is a little speciality confronting the temple of Ambaji, wherein a very much safeguarded light is kept continually consuming and should be visible from the principal Ambaji temple around evening time. There are impressions of the Goddess under a pipal tree, which are venerated.

Kumbhariya Jain Temple

Kumbhariya Jain Temple

One and a half k.m. Away from ambaji town. It has a historical Jain temple of Shri Nemi Nath Bhagavan which dates back to the 13th century. The Kumbhariya Jain temple of Nemi Nath is now a heritage centre in Gujarat. Beautiful carvings on the walls are the main attraction of the temple.

It is one of the remains of a group of 360 temples built by Vimalsha between 10 and 32 AD. He has a great story. And presently it is the cultural point of Gujarat. The Jain temple has the facility of Dharamshala and Bhojanshala for devotees.

Kamakshi Temple

Kamakshi Temple

Kamakshi Mandir is another religious site in Ambaji. The temple is commonly frequented by devotees to get divine blessings. One of the distinctive ideas that the temple attains significance is the summary of all fifty-one Hindu deities Peeths at one location. Reaching the temple is simply attributable to its nearness to the Khedbrahma road. this is one of the top places to visit near ambaji.

Just 1 km from ambaji, close to the Kumbhariya Jain temple on the khedbrahma toll road, the Kamakshidevi Temple Complex is a modern architecture, the centre of cosmic power is reconstructed and installed in a single complex to give evidence to the visitors and devotees of the great Shakti Sampraday about the various incarnations of Adhya Shakti Mata.

Kailash Tekari

Kailash Tekari is situated on the Khedbrahma roadway at a distance of 1.9 km from Ambaji.

Travellers visit this site to witness the wonderful Shivalaya positioned on the peak which can be reached by climbing the tekari. The Mahadev temple placed at this place has a Stone Gate which was built by the temple trust. The Ambaji Mata Devasthan Trust manages the temple. The next distinguished attraction of this site is the sunset point known as the Kailash Hill Sunset.

Mangalya Van

Mangalya Van

Mangalya Van, at a distance of around 1.5 km from Ambaji, is placed on top of Kailash Hill. Visitors can enjoy a lovely view of several water bodies present at this site. 

Astrologers presumptions that the plants, saplings and herbs in the Van have astrological significance.

Tourists can choose plants as per their zodiac signs for a positive change in life. Every zodiac sign is assigned three plants and is planted in an area of 18×18 metres. This is also a very prominent attraction among the top places near ambaji.

Kailash Hill Sunset 

Positioned at the apex of the Kailash tekari, the Kailash Hill Sundown is just about 2 kilometres from the ambaji Mata temple, alongside the khedhbrahma highway. 

Besides being a great sundown point of view, this hill is likewise a place of worship because it sites a Shivalaya as properly.

The recent addition here is the intricate stone gateway constructed on the Shaiva temple. There is a nearby garden referred to as the Mangalya Van, which is set 2 km from the hill.


Ambaji is a religious town of its historical connection with sites of cultural heritage. It is Chiefly prominent for Ambaji Mata Temple where millions of devotees visit the temple every year. It is the major Shakti peeth in India.

If you are a Sacred person and love to visit holy places then this place is for you. Along with this, you will get to see more pious places here.

All sites like Kamakshi temple, Kumbharia temple etc. are connected with historical sagas which connect you to their holy vibes.

As you plan your visit to the spiritual town of Ambaji, consider our convenient taxi service from Abu Road for a hassle-free journey. Book your ride here and travel in comfort to this sacred destination.

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