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Sightseeing in Mount Abu: A Tour Guide for Mount Abu

Sightseeing in Mount Abu

Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan, stands at 1722 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the lush green hills of the Aravalli range, offering relief from the sultry desert climate of Rajasthan. Well hitched with the other parts of the country, this hill station has been a widespread destination for tourists for enormous adventure and at-leisure. Situated in the arms of the Aravali Plateau, the city of Mount Abu is embellished by flourishing green forest & loaded with unbruised beauty of lakes, temples & heritage of Havelis & ancient forts. Flaunting the best royalty of ancient times, this hill station is home to many marvels stuffed with artistic features & pictures having notable craftsmanship. Amid these captivating surroundings, life is very calm here & locals are very friendly.

Accommodation to various charming landmarks, this city has been stimulating its visitors & adrenaline enthusiasts for ages. Casting back the starry sky on Nakki Lake or the unblemished cravings of Dilwara Jain Temple, here you will discover one of the best surroundings & sceneries which will subdue our eyes & souls. Here you will bake your eyes by finding various spots like Sunset Point, Trevor’s Tank, Guru Shikhar Peak, & many more. Heaven for the tourists, the city of Mount Abu is the spiritual home to Rajputs & Gurjars, glorified with mesmerizing surroundings and an abundance of adventure. 

So let’s examine the various pungency that Rajasthan’s only hill station has to offer.

Nakki Lake

nakki Lake

Based in the Aravalli ranges in Mount Abu, Nakki Lake, localized as the Nakki Jheel, is the promised land for nature lovers. This lake received its name when a lover named Rakshiya Balam dug this lake with his nails. Circumscribed by astounding wonders, this lake is truly a wonder of Mount Abu. It’s the first man-made lake in India, with a depth of 24 meters & width of a quarter of a mile. This mesmerizing lake lies in the heart of this hill station, surrounded by dense greenery & mountains. It is an absolute destination for photogenic friends & nature lovers. It is known that in Nakki lake Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed on 12 February 1948 & because of this, Gandhi Ghat was constructed. As you sail through, you will be amused by the captivating views of majestic hills, nature, and bizarrely shaped rocks. Two types of boats are available named- The Shikharas & the pedal boats. Acquaintance with the boat lasts 30 minutes, costing INR 60 to 100 per person. The lake is open year-round, but the best time to visit is during monsoons and winters and in the mornings because it gets crowded in the evening. Nakki Lake is next to the hill station’s main market on Ganesh Road. You can easily get reached by cab or taxi. Enjoy

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Dilwara Jain Temple

Dilwara Jain Temple

Discovered just 2.5 kilometers from Mount Abu, the Dilwara Jain Temple was constructed between the 11th & 13th centuries. The trait which makes it necessary to visit is the stunning & brilliant use of marble in the architecture. Dilwara Jain Temple is an ornamental yearning & the unimpaired pilgrimage spot in the world. It consists of five temples constructed over centuries, Named- Vimal Vasahi Temple, Luna Vasahi Temple, Pittalhar Temple, Parshwanatha Temple, and Mahavir Swami Temple. The lotus-like carving on the ceilings of the Temple & different scenes from the Hindu & Jain mythology portrayed through carved marble sculptures will definitely leave you astonished. 

Some tips related to this Temple are:

Take a bath before performing pooja for the idols, as it is mandatory in Dilwara Temple.

  • Except for your wallet, no electronic gadgets such as cameras, phones, or any metal are allowed in the Temple.
  • Inside Dilwara Temple, shorts and Bermudas are not permitted.
  • All the instructions in the guides are available inside the Temple.
  • The distance between the Hill Station & Dilwara Temple is upto 2.5 kilometers. So you can easily reach the Temple if you have your vehicle. However, cabs & rickshaws are available.

Guru Shikhar

guru shikhar

Guru Shikhar is the elevated peak of the Aravalli Range & sprawls about 15 kilometers from the hill station. The height of Guru Shikhar peak is 1722 meters above sea level, thus promising an incredible view of the Aravalli Range & the hill station of Mount Abu. The Guru Shikhar peak was named after Guru Dattatreya, who is concluded to have resided on the peak during the days when he was a monk. The cave where he used to meditate & reside is now transformed into a Temple in his memory. During October & November, the weather gets more cloudy & misty. When you reach the top point, there’s a bell known to be inscribed with the word name 1411 AD on it. When comparing the top issue, Hikers ring that bell as an announcement to celebrate their achievement.

Things to not miss at Guru Shikhar are:

  • Stupendous sunrise & breakfast served by the local shops. 
  • The breakfast served at the shops is quite delicious, and these shops are known for their tea too.
  • If you plan a picnic, Guru Shikhar is the right point to have a fantastic chit-chat time with your close ones.
  • The top view of the cliffs will give you many photo opportunities, but if you add the Dattatreya temple to the mix, it will enhance the whole experience.

Well, it is being a small hike of 300 steps to reach the topmost point. It’s a place never to miss.

Brahma Kumaris Ashram Mount Abu

Brahma Kumaris Ashram Mount Abu

Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University is a requisite landmark in the city of Mount Abu that commences on a spiritual journey for many devotees and spiritual appellants who believe in touring Hindu culture, traditions, and the afterlife. This university is a non-governmental spiritual organization founded in Mount Abu by Dada Lekhraj Kripalani in the 1930s. The Brahma Kumaris hill is called ‘Madhuban’ (a honey forest). This organization has become largely self-sufficient, with an international community of practicing yogis coming here each year.

There is a museum in Ashram that showcases the knowledge Prajapita Brahma gained from Lord Shiva. The 50-acre park also offers a peaceful place to meditate and learn about spirituality while enjoying the stunning, undisturbed surroundings. A lookup at Baba’s Hut will enable you to see where the  Brahma Kumaris founder Dada Lekhraj Kripalani, meditated daily. Meditation practices here are derived from Raja Yoga, which is based on spirit possession and mediumship. Having 8,500 centers in 100 countries claims to teach 825,000 regular students Raja Yoga.

Ashram always offers something for everyone. E.g.

  • Learn Meditation
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • International Conferences
  • Seminars & Dialogues
  • Murli Classes
  • Spiritual Media, Literature
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Social Activities

To reach Brahma Kumaris Ashram, you can also hire a Taxi or Cab in Mount Abu. It’s 15 minutes away from Mount Abu railway station.

Sunset Point

Sunset point

A trip to Mount Abu would not be complete without a stop at Sunset Point. The bizarre view of the bumpy Aravali Ranges, sunkissed by the sun’s radiating rays, brings out the scores of tourists to this delightful location near the well-known Nakki Lake. Many nature-lovers flocks to Mount Abu’s Sunset point to enjoy the sun’s setting rays. Sunset Point is the perfect picnic spot as no one can applaud the magic of the coloured sky when the sun sets, coloured in the shades of orange & red, as opposed to the abundant greenery of the Aravalli Ranges in the background. In Mount Abu Sunset Point, the climate encourages enjoying the sunset without any coercion & noise from the Hill Station. A famous spot to be visited by tourists & kids is the pony rides offered at Bailey’s walk near Sunset Point. Tourists & trekkers prefer to come early to Sunset Point for not to get disturbed & to obtain a clear view. Stalls nearby offer various marble statues, wooden toys, and sandalwood idols. 

Things you can do at Sunset Point:

  • You can go shopping for a memento.
  • Take your family or your better half on a picnic.
  • You can enjoy the picturesque view.

It is located 2 km apart from Nakki Lake. You can hire a cab or taxi for rent, available at the end of Sunset Point.



chalgarh Fort is a 15th-century fort in the Hill Station of Rajasthan, which now sprawls in the city’s north. Undoubtedly, the Achalgarh Fort is located about 26 kilometers north of Mount Abu & is one of the most popular attractions of Mount Abu. Achal Garh fort was constructed during the Paramara dynasty and was later refurbished by the name Achalgarh by Maharana Kumbha in 1452 CE. Inside the fort is another eminent tourist attraction named Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple.

Things you can do at Achalgarh:

  • Trekkers can go hiking.
  • You can visit the Jain Temple inside the fort.
  • Shopping in nearby markets for mementos.

It is located 11 kilometers north of Mount Abu. You can go by hiring a taxi or cab.

Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple

Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple

The Achleshwar Mahadev temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva in Mount Abu. This Temple is believed to have a foot impression from Lord Shiva. Shiva is worshipped as a shiva-linga in this Temple, but it is interesting to note that the shiva-linga here is natural. Aside from its ambiance, the Temple is known for its exquisite filigree work and the numerous statues of Nandi, the noble carrier of Lord Shiva. The pit within the Temple is also said to be the entrance to the netherworld, Narak. Considering the local legends and histories surrounding this beautiful Temple, you can understand why it’s worth visiting.

Mount Abu Railway station is nearly 35.6 kilometers from Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple.

Timings for this temple are from 05:00 AM till 07:00 PM.

Trevor’s Tank

Trevor’s Tank

Five kilometers from Mount Abu is Trevor’s crocodile park, an artificial breeding ground for crocodiles. Upon entering this place, you’ll notice that it has a fresh and relaxing atmosphere. This crocodile park is also known for its bird-watching sight. Numerous stations are created inside this Crocodile Park so that tourists can pay attention to the wildlife in its natural habitat. However the ticket price of this Crocodile’s park is INR 60, but if you want to hire a safari guide, it can cost you upto INR 600. This wildlife includes a black bear, but only a few sightings exist. A British Engineer named Col. GH Trevor outlined this Trevor’s Crocodile Park. The most acceptable time to explore this place is during the months of November and December when it is mild. 

Pointers to keep in mind before visiting:

  • There are no food stalls or eating options inside this park, so ensure you carry some beverages & snacks.
  • No washrooms inside this park.

Toad Rock

Toad Rock

Mount Abu is home to this massive rock piece that depicts a toad about to jump into the waters of Nakki Lake. This spot is one of the most frequently visited points in all visitors’ itineraries, known as the luck piece of Mount Abu. 

This rock got its name from a naturally occurring stone sculpture that resembles a tortoise. Those in this location can enjoy the scenic views of Mount Views and the Aravali Ranges nearby. Walking to the top of this hill offers some stunning panoramic views. Toad Rock is a must-visit spot for avid photographers and adventure enthusiasts. The Toad Rock route starts near Nakki Lake, which comprises 250 steps. Lush greenery makes a calming walk along the pathway possible, but some people may find it intimidating due to its location.

It is recommended that seniors or people with heart disease or orthopedic disorders please avoid this place. Additionally, the local administration has not displayed any signs in the town showing how to reach this place; therefore, with the help of Google Maps, one can come to this place.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in a tiny hamlet, the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary boasts rich biodiversity, making it a must-see spot. There are many sightseeing points with stunning views in the sanctuary, which is among the oldest parts of the Mount Abu mountains. It became a wildlife sanctuary in 1960 to preserve its flora and fauna, making it an important eco-tourism destination. If you want to see wildlife in its natural habitat while experiencing a thrilling adventure in Rajasthan, this is the perfect place. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary stretches over 288 km in the Aravalli ranges and crosses numerous mountain highs, including 300 m-high Gurashikhar. A significant portion of the wildlife sanctuary is made up of large cavities that have been formed by water and wind weathering of igneous rocks. 

People who love nature & animals will discover this place and tranquilize their senses. In addition, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary offers scenic views and serenity from the city’s busy life.

Pointers to keep in mind:

  • Animals in this sanctuary are not allowed to feed by tourists.
  • Please don’t pollute the place as it’s home to various animals.
  • Carrying plastic items is banned in this sanctuary.
  • Enjoy & explore this place.

You can hire a cab or taxi to reach this Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Mount Abu Bazaar

Mount Abu Bazaar

As the summer capital of the Rajputana rulers, Mount Abu has marvelous shopping markets which offer an authentic local experience. 

Tourists can find a wide variety of products that represent Rajasthani and Gujarati heritage and culture. You will find the best Kota sarees, bangles, Sanganeri quilts, marble, sandstone, and sandalwood products in these lively markets. Among the markets is the Khadi Bhandar, known for its one-stop-shopping destination for everything Khadi. You can find everything from traditional Rajasthani clothes to classic souvenirs at this bazaar. But, of course, no shopping experience would be complete without ethnic wear from the Bhandar. Sandalwood, handlooms, mirror-work, and cotton textiles are some of the products you can find here. In contrast, if you are looking for a local touch, Bikki Lake Market and Bansilal Bhurmal will be able to satisfy your needs. 

Besides clothes, you can purchase food items and more here. Bazaars in Mount Abu are great places to spend your free time.

Timings of this Bazaar are from 10:AM to 7:00PM

Arbuda Devi Temple

Arbuda Devi Temple

Adhar Devi Temple in Mount Abu is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Durga. 

Getting to the Temple requires a 365-step climb inside a cave. 

Due to Adhar Devi’s incarnation as Katyayani Devi, the Temple is frequently visited by devotees and tourists during Navratri. A trip to this Temple is ideal for dispelling all worries and filling one with positive vibes.

Pointers to keep in mind:

  • Wear comfortable clothing to avoid being exerted after climbing the steps at Arbuda Devi Temple.
  • It’s advisable to keep aged people away from climbing steps.

The location of this Temple is 2 kilometers away from Nakki Lake & 3 kilometers from the bus station. Therefore, you can hire a local taxi or cab to reach you easily.

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