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Sirohi, A district of an Indian State, Rajasthan. The small city has a great significance in history. The glimpse of royal history can easily be seen in the streets and the city has nicely maintained its culture and historical heritage. This blog will tell you about the very important thing about the Sirohi talwar history that all Sirohi shehari’s and the world should know.

Do You Know

India’s first prime minister. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was gifted the Sirohi Talwar on his first visit to Sirohi on 18 October 1958 Since then it is available in National Museum, New Delhi.

Sirohi Talwar

Sirohi is well known for its Talwar (Sword). Sirohi talwar is considered among the best swords in the world. History says Sirohi Talwar played a very important role in many battles in past. The sword makers in Sirohi are very professional in their work. In general talks, we find out there were more than 500 families in past in this business before 19th century but as the time changed so the business and demand changed and only a few families remained who are still in this business. You will still find here sword makers who got this skill from their father and their grandparents in inheritance. Their ancestors used to make Sirohi Talwar for Sirohi imperial. 

 Let’s start with the story of Sirohi Sword.

The Ancient Story about Sirohi Talwar

There is a very famous old story that revolves around this City of God, Sirohi. There used to be a well in past, whose water was very magical. Its water used to share anything that comes in and the old sword makers used its water to sharpen the edge of their swords with that water. Later the government closed the well.

A story of a king throat cut by drinking the water is popular here and various other stories associated with Sirohi Swords. If you have something to share about Sirohi Talwar please share us in the comment section below. We will publish it under your name.

Making of Sirohi Talwar

Unlike the other sword makers, Here in Sirohi the Talwar is made the traditional way. No use of technology. Each sword is made by manually heating up the iron and cast with the help of a hammer. Still, no machinery is used in the whole process. These are the 4 famous Sirohi talwars.

Roti Talwar

In old age, Sirohi Talwar was made with the help of rothi and poisonous material then the iron material was exported from malva. The material was continuously heated in the furnace and strongly beaten up into a strip and edged sharpened with the help of a stone and edge sharpening machine.

Now the material is exported from Ahmedabad which is purchased on the basis of Number. Sirohi talwar is usually 27 to 31 inch long. The process starts with 1 kg iron and after all the processing the final weight of Sirohi Talwar is usually 900gm. The talwar is very lightweight but doesn’t bend or crack. The more you use the talwar the more sharpen the sword edge.

Sakila Talwar

Sakila is a straight sword that is made like a Roti. The middle part of the sword is compressed. There is a strong proverb in the history

“Jo Bandhe Sakila, Vo phire Akela”

Naldar Talwar

 This is a moon-shaped sword made up of steel,

Lahariya Talwar 

This sword is made with a special type of steel. It sword was gifted to the honourable persons and kings in old age because of its shape, design and sword cord (talwar ki naal). 

Sirohi Talwar Price and Enquire to buy

We have just mentioned 4 important types of Sirohi Talwar. But actually, there are many more. The price of Sirohi Talwar varies from 500 to 100,000. If you want to inquire about the price and various Sirohi talwars. Ask us in the comment section and we will answer all your queries immediately.

We will update all the important information about Sirohi Talwar and keep on updating this page with the latest info. If you like the article please share this and let us know your view in the comment section.

If you are interested in buying Sirohi talwars. We are providing you with all the details about the talwar with their images, pricing and talwar code.

How to Order Sirohi Talwar

  • See all the available Sirohi talwar below and choose the talwar that you want to buy.
  • Note down its talwar code and click on enquire now button.
  • This will lead you to a WhatsApp chat.
  • Mention your talwar code in the WhatsApp chat and start your conversation.
  • Don’t forget to mention Sirohi in the chat to claim a ₹150 Discount on the purchase of any Sirohi talwar on all purchases. There are special discounts for all our readers.
  • Pick the one that suits you and place an order by giving token money. The order will be shipped to your doorstep within 5-10 days of purchase.

Why No Cash on Delivery?

Swards (talwar) are under the arms act so there are various legal complications hence all of the delivery partners available in Sirohi do not permit cash on delivery for this product. We are trying to find legal ways to make it happen but till then prepayment is the only option.

Is prepayment Safe?

Yes, prepayment is absolutely safe. Here are the reasons why:-

  • We have collaboration with government approved certified shops in sirohi. You can ask for shop registration number and other certifications before payment.
  • You can schedule a live video call to get a real view of your product.
  • Once you do the payment. You will receive images and notifications of your final product, packaging, shipment etc.
  • Once the product is shipped you will receive a tracking id.
  • Right from making to packaging and final delivery atmost care is there in the entire process. So far we have delivery 100+ swords in different parts of India with no returns or damage issues.

Customer Reviews

Everyone thinks of prepayment first and then the mindset was also the same before ordering but the trust they shared with me is commendable..Thank you so much

NIKHIL NAIKWAD, Kolhapur, Maharastra

मुझे आज मेरे तलवार की डिलीवरी मिलि और मैं आप लोगो की सर्विस से बहुत खुश हूं।

Vikram Singh Rathore, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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Best Sirohi Talwar Dealers in Sirohi

know after knowing everything, if you are interested in buying one Sirohi talwars for your wedding or gifting this to someone, you can contact the below-given Swords makers and dealers. You can directly go to the Sirohi talwar shop or call them directly from this page. Don’t forget to mention our name “

Rajwadi Gruh Udhyog

Address – Kumhar Wada, Bagikhana, Sirohi, Rajasthan 307001
Phone No. – +918560043496

Sirohi Garh Udoyg Talwar Shop Sirohi

Address – Bagikhana, Sirohi, Rajasthan 307001
Phone No. – +917014445992

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