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Snowfall In Mount Abu

snowfall in mount abu

Snowfall in Mount Abu is still a mysterious question about Mount Abu. It is true that during top winters, the temperatures decrease beneath the edge of freezing over. Yet, because of no downpour, there ain’t any snow.

In any case, on the off chance that you step out for a stroll on a cool morning, you can see sheets of ice over window sheets of vehicles and bicycles, even on grass. This is the frozen dew and not snow.

Indeed, even water kept outside, short-term could foster a slender sheet of ice on its surface. Never in the written history of the town.

However, the temperature arrives at freezing during evenings in winter coming about in the freezing of water in lakes. It shapes a layer. In any case, that is some ice, not snow.

snowfall in mount abu
mount abu snowfall @

Snowfall in Mount Abu or not, an excursion to Mount Abu stays an important encounter. Situated at a grand elevation of 1220m above ocean level, the wonderful Mount Abu environment draws in a ton of explorers that are captivated by this desert spring in the generally dry territory of Rajasthan.

Even though Mount Abu is an all-year objective, the period between November and March can be viewed as the best opportunity to visit this spot. It is set on a high rough level in the Aravalli Range and encompassed by woodland, it offers a moderately all-environment and perspective between the parched fields beneath. In the focal point of the town, Nakki Lake is a well-known spot for drifting. Nearby are the exceptionally old Dilwara Temples, resplendently cut from white marble and of extraordinary otherworldly significance. Guru Shikhar, Achalgarh, and Sunset Point are many more to captivate visitors. 


Mount Abu is a wonderful slope station to visit. It is the Paradise of Rajasthan. The spots to see in and around Mount Abu is Nakki lake, Dilwara Temple, Sunset point, Guru shikhar, Brahma Kumari Focus and Museum, Adhar Devi Temple, Honeymoon point, Achalgarh and numerous more. The environment is generally cool here. But it is exceptionally cool in winter. The place is Effectively receptive by Road and train. Nearby, as well as encircled spots of interest can be visited by recruiting the neighbourhood jeeps and cabs. Overall, good spot to partake in the weekend or extended stay.

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