10 Fun Things To Do in Mount Abu For Youngsters

10 Memorable Place to Visit in Mount Abu


The traveler’s paradise in every context, Mount Abu has many fun things to do for youngsters all year round. It is located on the Gujarat and Rajasthan’s border in the Aravalli mountains, and the only hill station offers visitors spectacular views and a heartfelt experience. 

Mount Abu- The All-Time Favourite Holiday Destination for Youngsters 

Mount Abu is home to several historical and cultural landmarks with tremendous natural splendors. It has numerous sightseeing options that make the hill station not only thrilling but also engaging at the same time for youngsters. Mount Abu offers a wide range of things to do in Mount Abu that will leave you spoilt for preference, making it the all-time favorite destination for youngsters. Many thrilling and fun-filled activities make youngsters enjoy the most at this beautiful hill station of Rajasthan.

Things That Makes Youngsters Love Mount Abu 

Here are ten incredible things to do in Mount Abu that make youngsters love the hill station with the quality experience to help them remember the places to visit in Mount Abu for the rest of their lives.

Boating at Nakki Lake

Youngsters often love to take a tour of nakki lake Mount Abu, notably called Nakki Jheel and relish boating among the best things to do in the hill station. It is notable for shikhara, rowboats, and paddle boats and is located in the heart of Mount Abu. Boat trips last for about thirty minutes to an hour to make you enjoy the scenery of lush green forests and hills. Besides boating, you can also have fun while horse riding and zorbing available on the lake’s shore.

Trekking to Gurushikhar

Guru Shikhar, the tallest peak in the Aravalli range, is 15 kilometers from Mount Abu. Guru Sikhar, a 1722-meter trail, is an exciting spot among Mount Abu’s most adventurous things to do in Mount Abu for youngsters. Also, with the renowned Guru Dattatreya temple on the way, the hike to Guru Sikhar is exciting and moderately challenging, with breathtaking views of Mount Abu and the rest of the region.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Visiting Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary and experiencing exotic birds and wildlife are among the fascinating things to do. It is a joyous time for youngsters and also people of all ages. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is home to endangered species of fauna and flora. It is a superb destination for visitors looking to spend a day with nature, particularly wildlife and bird enthusiasts.

Camping and Trekking at Aravali Mountains

The Aravalli Mountain, which is among the most astounding camping grounds and trekking trails located in and around the Wildlife Sanctuary of Mount Abu, is a hotspot for camping and trekking. It is undoubtedly the most imaginative of Mount Abu’s experiences. Hiking through camping and mountain trails in tents during nighttime is soothing and energizing, making the trip daring and exciting. Other adventurous activities such as rappelling and rock climbing are also thrilling at the Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Sensual Sunset Point

Sunset Point is about three kilometers from Nakki Lake and is approached via a moderately steep upswing.  Sunset point Mount Abu is a prime place for peace seekers and nature lovers and is recognized for its photogenic sunset views. You can ride a horse, hike uphill, or hire a taxi from Nakki Lake to experience the fantastic view of the sunset at honeymoon point Mount Abu..

Exploring Trevors Tank

A man-made reservoir, Trevors Tank, inhabited with fish and crocodiles, is titled after the British engineer who built it. The reservoir is also known for bird watching. Over the Guru Shikhar Road, this location is covered with dense forests and rocky outcroppings that offer breathtaking scenic views and tranquility. Trevors Tank, home to massive crocodiles, fish, and birds, is always the top priority of the youngsters who are wildlife enthusiasts and love to explore beautiful things.


If you enjoy the excursion and are looking for something to do adventurous in Mount Abu other than camping and trekking and camping, adventure caving or spelunking should be on your list of things to make out the best of your vacay at Mount Abu. Several mountain caves, such as Champa Caves, are available for exhilarating cave adventure. You can relish the hike, capture the scenic view, and revel in the excitement. If you have never attempted spelunking previously, Mount Abu is the ideal location to give it a try.

Nakki Lake Market is a lot of fun.

The surroundings of Nakki Lake are encircled with native specialty shacks and shops. The vast selection of Gujrati and Rajasthani tie-dye textiles, bangles, handicrafts, Sanganeri print, Jaipur quilt, Kota sarees, linen with decorative items made of wood, sandstone, and marble astonishes every traveler. You can fill up your backpacks with the incredible collection to memorize the beautiful times at the hill station near Mount Abu school.

Things to Do Their 

A few of the thrilling activities to do at Mount Abu are as follows:

  • Trekking         
  • Camping       
  • Caving       
  • Hiking      
  • Boating, and much more

Places to Visit 

A few of the best places to visit at Mount Abu and to make the best of your holiday trip to Mount Abu include the following:

  • Achalgarh Fort
  • Dilwara Jain Temple
  • Guru Shikhar
  • Nakki Lake
  • Toad Rock

Best Time to Visit  

Mount Abu is a year-round tourist attraction with a pleasant and favorable climate that draws tourists throughout the year. The summertime is comfortable and pleasant, with temperatures varying from 23ºC to 33ºC through April and June. You can take a trip to Mount Abu to relish the lush surroundings and enjoy the rain from July to October. A great time or the best time to visit Mount Abu at the unique hill station is during the winter months between November and February when this picturesque hill station is most beautiful. The weather is delightful, with temperatures fluctuating from 12ºC to 30ºC. In addition, the chilly winter breeze relaxes and invigorates the body and mind, making it an ideal location for a winter getaway.


To make the most of your vacation, visit a few of the Mount mentioned above Abu’s beautiful locations and participate in some exciting and pleasurable activities. With this list of the most incredible things to do in Mount Abu, you can start planning your trip to Mount Abu, the mountainous getaway, pretty quickly and booking the Mount Abu tour package, taxi service in mount Abu, Mount Abu hotels, 5-star hotels in Mount Abu, the best resort in Mount Abu, Mount Abu resorts with swimming pool, or restaurants in Mount Abu.

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