10 Fun Things To Do in Mount Abu For Youngsters

10 Memorable Place to Visit in Mount Abu


Mount Abu is one of the best places in Rajasthan. It is also known as Shimla of Rajasthan, where you can visit any season. It is not just a beautiful hill station, but a palace on the list of people to visit every now and then. It is situated between Gujarat and Rajasthan border in the Aravalli mountain. It is the best place for vacation, many people take long vacation or short break to come and relax themselves and enjoy with their loved once.

Mount Abu- The All-Time Favorite Holiday Destination for Youngsters 

Mount Abu is the most popular for Adventure, Tracking, campaigning, Boating, and many other activities you can also enjoy the varieties of tasty and delicious food and do shopping at the local market. Mount Abu is a stunning place for couples, youngsters, and family and it is also the best place for a Honeymoon the person who really wants to feel nature must visit Mount Abu at least once in a while in their life you will definitely get peace of mind.

Things That Make Every Youth, Couple & Family To Love Mount Abu

Here are some amazing 10 things to do in Mount Abu that make everyone love this beautiful hill station and it will help them to remember the place and visit Mount Abu for the rest of their lives.

1. Nakki Lake

Nakki lake is one of the most famous tourist attractions of mount Abu. Those who visit mount Abu would definitely go and explore the beauty of the green environment all around Nakki Lake. The Facts And Story of Nakki Lake have made tourists surprised. Nakki Lake is the most popular gem of Mount Abu. The Lake is Beautiful and surrounded by the greenery. It is also known as a Human-made lake. To Enjoy and Experience the enhance the beauty of the lake through Boating. Which is one of the fun activities in Mount Abu. It’s a 30 mins ride if you want to enjoy your ride for more than 30 min it will cost some extra charge.

The charge for pedal boating is ₹ 200 per person for sharing boat you will cost ₹ 300 per person, and personal boat charges are ₹ 1000. You can also enjoy the food with the view of the lake. So go and enjoy the beautiful and well-known place of Mount Abu.

2. Trekking to Gurushikhar

Guru Shikhar is one of the highest peaks of Aravalli located at a distance of 15 km from Mount Abu. Guru Shikhar is at an elevation of 1722 meters and a trek to this fascinating spot is among the most exciting activities in Mount Abu. The Guru Shikhar is renamed by Guru Dattatreya. Guru Dattatreya is the most significant temple on the path of Guru Shikhar and many more temples too. There are steps for easy climbing and once you have covered 35 steps, you will find the food stall. Guru Shikhar is the most adventurous thing to do in Mount Abu where you can enjoy the tracking. It is the best point in mount among all on the top of Guru Shikhar you will see the Big Bell which sounds can be heard from around everywhere on the top, you can also feel the mesmerizing view from the top.

3. Dilwara Temple

Dilwara Temple is one of the finest and architecturally renowned Jain temples in India. Every day a large number of people visit this temple every day. The major attraction is their architecture. The high-quality craftsmanship marble stonework is clearly visible in every aspect of the temple, the making is truly amazing and unique. Visitors come here to enjoy the peace of sense and divine connection. This temple complex has five sections dedicated to the five Jain Tirthankaras. It is located 2 ½ km away from Mount Abu. And the most important thing here is the phone’s camera or photography is not allowed.

4. Wildlife Sanctuary

Visiting Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary and experiencing exotic birds and wildlife are among the fascinating things to do. It is a joyous time for youngsters and also people of all ages. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is home to endangered species of fauna and flora. It is a superb destination for visitors looking to spend a day with nature, particularly wildlife and bird enthusiasts.

5. Camping & Trekking At Aravali Mountains

Aravalli mountain is known for its camping and trekking it is needless to say that Mount Abu is a hotspot for some of the experiences of the places in Mount Abu. It is the most adventurous place. The camping ground and trekking trails are available around the wildlife sanctuary, you can also hire a guide for tracking and camping. Trekking through the forest area and staying in a tent at night is the best experience for visitors. It is the most daring and exciting place. You can also do rocking and climbing. If you hire a guide then they will provide the equipment that is required while trekking other if go on your self you must carry all the necessary elements which are required while camping and trekking. 

6. The Sensual Sunset Point

The sunset point is 3km away from Nakki Lake and is approached via a moderate step and upswing. Sunset Point Mount Abu is the best place for people who want peace and nature lovers must visit this beautiful place. It is also recognized for its Photogenic Sunset View. You can ride a horse, hike uphill, or hire a taxi from Nakki Lake to experience the fantastic view of the sunset at point Mount Abu.

7. Exploring Trevor’s Tank

A man-made reservoir, Trevor’s Tank, inhabited by fish and crocodiles, is named after the British engineer who built it. The reservoir is also known for bird watching. Over the Guru Shikhar Road, this location is covered with dense forests and rocky outcroppings that offer breathtaking scenic views and tranquility. Trevor’s Tank, home to massive crocodiles, fish, and birds, is always the top priority of youngsters who are wildlife enthusiasts and love to explore beautiful things.

8. Explore Achalgarh Fort

Achalgarh fort is situated about 11 km away from Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan. The fort was originally built by the Paramara dynasty rulers and rebuilt, modernized, and named Achalgarh By Maharana Kumbha in 1452 one of the several forts built during his period of rule. There are several other attractions near Fort Mandakini Lake, Chamunda Mata Mandir, and Achleshwar Mahadev Mandir. The toe of Lord Shiva is worshipped there and the Brass Nandi is also located there. The famous Nandi is said to be made of 5 metals the Nandi is made of Panchdhatu and the weight is more than 4 tons.

9. Toad Rocks

A rare rock formation and a worthy place to visit. One can have a panoramic view of Nakki Lake & some portions of Mount Abu, from Toad Rock. But beware, to reach this place, one has to climb, at least for 20 to 30 minutes, from the bottom of the hill and therefore it is advisable that aged persons or persons with heart disease or suffering from Orthopedic disorders better avoid this place. Another sad thing is, the local Administration has not displayed any signboards in the town, showing the route to this place, and therefore with the assistance of Google Maps, one can reach this place.

10. Shopping At Nakki Lake Market

The surroundings of Nakki Lake are encircled by native specialty shacks and shops. The vast selection of Gujrati and Rajasthani tie-dye textiles, bangles, handicrafts, Sanganeri print, Jaipur quilts, Kota sarees, linen with decorative items made of wood, sandstone, and marble astonishes every traveler. You can fill up your backpacks with the incredible collection to memorize the beautiful times at the hill station.

Best Time to Visit Mount Abu  

Mount Abu is a tourist attraction with a pleasant and favorable climate that makes tourists visit throughout the year. The great and best time to visit Mount Abu is in winter between November to February when this hill station looks most beautiful. The weather is delightful, with the temperature fluctuating from12ºC to 30ºC. The summer time is pleasant and comfortable with the temperature varying from 23ºC to 33ºC from April to June those who want to enjoy the greenery, hilly mountain, and waterfall rainy season in Mount Abu from July to October. If you are in Mount Abu at the end of December you can enjoy the Annual Winter Festival which is the celebration of local culture and hospitality. Winter is known as peak time in Mount Abu.

How To Reach Mount Abu

A paradise for nature and history lovers, Mount Abu, has excellent connectivity with neighbouring states and can be reached by various modes of transport.

By Air: Tow airport is nearest to Mount Abu. The first one is Sardar Vallabhai Patel Airport which is in Ahmedabad, and the second one is Maharana Pratap Airport at Udaipur. These both airports are connected to every city of India.

By Trains: The nearest railway station to reach mount is Abu Road which is 32 km regular trains are there from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and many more cities.

By Road: Regular buses both private and government are available between Mount Abu and Udaipur, Delhi, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad.


To wrap things up, Mount Abu is a picturesque hill station in Rajasthan, India that offers a variety of exciting things to do for travelers. Some of the top activities to consider while in Mount Abu include visiting the iconic Dilwara Temples, exploring the colorful local market, taking a boat ride on the scenic Nakki Lake, hiking to Sunset Point for breathtaking views, and touring the historic Achalgarh Fort.

No matter what type of vacation you’re seeking, Mount Abu has something to offer. From its stunning natural beauty to its rich cultural heritage and diverse array of attractions, Mount Abu is a must-see destination for any visitor to India.

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