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Toad Rock Mount Abu

Toad Rock


Toad ROck

The Toad Rock is a giant stone piece which seems to be a frog going to bounce into the waters of the lake. Known as the mascot of Mount Abu, this is one of the primary attractions in Mount Abu.

It is said that it was named after English armed force official Col Todd, who found Mount Abu. Some interesting Frog Rock data is that the volcanic stone that made up Amphibian Stone is six billion years of age.

The way to The Toad Rock beginnings close to Nakki Lake and incorporates climbing 250 moves toward the top. The pathway is settled in beautiful plant life which makes for a quieting walk, however certain individuals could think that it is threatening. The flight of stairs is broken in parts, so the ascension isn’t suggested for elderly folks individuals and babies.

Things To Do At Toad Rock

  • Enjoy the panoramic view
  • Plan a Picnic
  • Do a photoshoot 
  • Good for Trekking

The view and cutting of the stone are so attractive that travellers visiting this spot can’t stay stunning and disinterested. To catch the shocking and heavenly perspective view of lakes and environmental elements, then just you need to do is ascend the stone and arrive at the highest point of the stone to catch the amazing landscape.

Nearby Places

And What’s more, there are various other stone designs close to the Amphibian Stone, the noticeable being the Camel Rock, the Nandi Rock and the Nun Rock. These stones are ideal for a journey. Travellers can observe an all-encompassing viewpoint on Nakki Lake by climbing Toad Rock.

Nakki Lake is the core of this interesting traveller’s location, with individuals strolling around the lake routinely. While they do this, they can see the frog rock watching out for them any place they go.

How To Reach

From the street on the lakeside, there is a ventured walkway which drives you to the frog rock. The steps are steep. In these places, there are no steps. Just a soil trail exists, which you should explore by clutching support from neighbouring tree trunks and rocks.

Location – Near Nakki lake, Mount Abu, Sirohi, Rajasthan.
Time6:30 AM – 6:45 PM
Time Required – less than 1 hour

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