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Top 10 Mount Abu Trekking Places For Every Adventure Lover

Top 10 Mount Abu Trekking Places For Every Adventure Lover


With magnificent vistas, lush green woods, sunrise and sunset point, waterfalls, and lakes, Mount Abu offers a wonderful experience to appreciate and get close to the beauty of nature. It boasts many nature pathways and trails through the jungle that the Forest Department has recognized for adventurous and fulfilling activities. You can use a few trails for horse safari if you can’t hike.

Trekking in Mount Abu 

If you love trekking, you can enjoy bird watching, wildlife, rappelling, rock climbing, and learning the flora of Mount Abu’s Lok and tribal Rajput’s culture and many more things to do in Mount Abu. With spectacular surroundings and greenery, this amazing hill station is traversed with several wildlife viewing viewpoints and paths.

Mount Abu- The Hub For Trekking Lovers

The charm of Mount Abu is disguised behind mountains and jungles, unknown to most tourists and not explored in any site-seeing excursions. By touring these sites during your adventurous travel vacation, you will have thrill-filled experiences. If it is not enough to persuade you, it holds the secret path leading to the elixir of life. You can begin planning a trip to Mount Abu to experience the wonderful and enchanting hub for trekking lovers awaiting you. 

Mount Abu- The Hub For Trekking Lovers

The most prevalent hiking attractions in the wildlife sanctuary are Agneshwar, Adesh Avdhoot Cave, Shanti Shikhar, Table Rock, and Craig’s Path. Besides, Trekking in Mount Abu’s jungle will help you witness the rare fauna and flora, such as antelope, leopard, sloth bear, wild roses, orchids, and many more. Also, you will view rare birds, including kingfisher, red-whiskered bulbul, green munia, and many more, and wonderful views of sunset and dawn, mountains, and forests while trekking through the jungle of this single hill station of Rajasthan

Trekking up Mount Abu will give you a rush of adrenaline in the heartland of Rajasthan. This well-known hill station is home to many lush valleys and mountains and is the perfect site for trekking lovers to go on simple yet challenging adventures.

Let’s know about the top 10 Mount Abu Trekking places for every adventure lover.

Top 10 Places For Trekking in Mount Abu 

1. Adesh Cave

The cave was called after Adesh, the founder of the Aghori group, who stayed here and practiced solitude. This cave is designed naturally like a room with a kitchenette connected. The Mythic trek will offer you a joyful experience when you are on the go. 

2. Agneshwar Temple Trek

You can take a trip to the Mythological Shiva temple or Agneshwar Mahadev temple in the deep jungle. This trek is full of ups and downs, with a strong likelihood of seeing wild animals and rare flora. The hike concludes in Dilwara, the Mount Abu’s Adventures Campsite. 

3. Craig’s Point

Craig, a nature enthusiast, explored this outstanding viewpoint and trekking trail during British rule in India. It encompasses agriculture farms, the old route, and the sunset over forest and green valleys will give you an unparalleled experience. This adventurous trekking includes Aghori Cave (Avdhoot Nath Cave) and Lemon Stream.  

4. Aam Paani

Beginning at Anadara point, the Aam Paani, or Mango and Water trek, is located at Mount Abu’s Hills’ west side. The old colonial trek goes through a lush forest where you may relax in huge mango trees’ shade and quench your thirst with the water coming through the rocks. 

5. Shanti Shikhar

The peak of Peace, often referred to as Shanti Shikhar, was titled after a Jain monk, “Shanti,” who expiated here on the peak. It is a magnificent trekking and hiking location lying at 1300 meters in height. 

6. Shergaon

Many lions in this area were there long ago, giving the village the title. “Ville De Lion” or Sher Gaon, the village of the lion. It is a challenging excursion, with a 14-kilometer hike on one side. Once you approach the village, there is a shrine dedicated to ‘Bhairu,’ the local deity, where you can spend the night and cook with the cookware provided. 

7. Table Rock 

Table Rock is the tallest mountain peak, which stands at 1600 meters. Its walk is strenuous and takes you through grasslands, woods, shrubs, and water bodies.

8. The Isolated Village- Utraj

The lonely village of “Utraj” is situated about four kilometers from the Guru Shikhar on the way to Sher Gaon. This hike is primarily used for a village safari and trekking combination. The arrangement of historic houses and the relics of a past era is a fantastic experience. 

9. Tiger Path- The Old Road

The deserted road that eventually became a forest trek, this road to Mount Abu was first built by British rulers. They then altered the idea and created a new structure, which is still in use today. The walk is known as the “Tigers Path” since it was once home to tigers. 

10. Trevor’s Tank

Trevor, the nature preserver, built a water tank for birds and wild animals in the middle of the jungle. Some crocodiles currently remain here and feed on monkeys, carp, fish, and other small animals. The pathways bring along the natural wonders to make your trekking experience unforgettable.


It would be best to indulge in adventurous activities when you visit Mount Abu to get a joyful experience.

You can take the assistance of experienced and qualified government-approved instructors or guides to have safe excursions. Various packages are accessible, from custom tracks to full-day, half-day to short trek with camping and night hold facilities.

Besides, the combination of environmental protection, navigation, and hospitality during your adventure trekking experience will make your trip as amazing as you are. You can also add mountain biking for an unforgettable, thrilled, and exciting experience that you have ever had.

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