The Ancient Story about Sirohi Talwar

There is a very famous old story that revolves around this City of God, Sirohi. There used to be a well in past, whose water was very magical. Its water used to share anything that comes in and the old sword makers used its water to sharpen the edge of their swords with that water.

4 Famous Sirohi Talwars

Talwar is made with the help of rothi and poisonous material then the iron material was exported from malva.

The material was continuously heated in the furnace and strongly beaten up into a strip and edged sharpened with the help of a stone and edge sharpening machine.

Sakila Talwar

Sakila is a straight sword that is made like a Roti. The middle part of the sword is compressed.  There is a strong proverb in the history

“Jo Bandhe Sakila, Vo phire Akela”

Naldar Talwar

This is a  moon-shaped sword made up of steel.

This sword is made with a special type of steel. It sword was gifted to the honourable persons and kings in old age because of its shape, design and sword cord (talwar ki naal).

Sirohi Talwar Price

The price of Sirohi Talwar varies from  500  to 100,000.

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