The Only Hill Station of Rajasthan You Must Visit

History & Ancient Myths

In ancient times, Mount Abu was called Arbudaanchal, and it is believed that the sage Vashistha retired there after facing differences from Vishvamitra.

Things you can do in Mount Abu

– Boat ride across Nakki Lake. – Thrilling trek to Guru Sikhar. – Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. – Eyewitness a picturesque sunset from Sunset Point. – Amount of pleasure to be had from Mount Abu sightseeing. – Meditation in the calm atmosphere at Brahma Kumaris Ashram. – Enjoy your evenings at Mount Abu’s Bazaar

Must-See Attractions

– Dilwara Temple – St. Saviour’s Church – Toad Rock – Guru Shikhar – Achalgarh Fort – Nakki Lake – Sunset Point – Honeymoon Point

dilwara temple

The temple was constructed back in the 11th to 13th centuries AD and still holds the tag of one of the best architectural examples in Rajasthan.

St. Saviour’s Church

This place will offer you the desired solace, like a fairy tale scene.

Toad Rock

This natural rock formation is believed to resemble a toad sitting by a lake just about to hop.

Guru Shikhar

Located at the northeast end of the Mount Abu plateau, Guru Shikhar is the highest point of the hill station.

Achalgarh Fort

It is worthwhile to explore the Achalgarh Fort, which is an impressive structure perched on a mountainside.

Nakki Lake

It is believed that God dug the earth with his nails, and water came out of the hole, giving birth to the mythological and the most popular attraction of the hill station.

Sunset Point

In Mount Abu, nature lovers enjoy the sun’s setting rays at Sunset Point. Sunset at Mount Abu Sunset Point is a peaceful experience due to the climate, free from city pressure and noise.

Honeymoon Point

The scenic spot is also known as Anadara Point, a great place to relax after a long day of traveling.

What to eat?

– Dal Bati Churma – Laal Maas – Gatte Ki Khichdi – Bajre Ki Roti – Pyaaz Ki Kachori – Ghevar – Malpua

When should  you visit  Mount Abu?

November to March is considered the best month to visit Mount Abu.

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